Email has revolutionized business communication. Entrepreneurs are no longer showing mercy on post office speed and do not have to dice on. Whether or not someone is in the office to receive a phone call. Businesses can save money, open effective marketing options, open communication lines within the company. They can collaborate on all projects through the use of emails. In future compared to traditional letters or memos, the generation of workers by using emails is more intuitive. Companies can find ways to access email to reach important goals and make business more efficient. In this article we focus on the Benefits of Using Professional Email Address to help to grow your business.

Would you believe that 72 percent of consumers like to communicate with your business via emails? Now the customers do not want to take that phone when they can connect with you directly in some keystrokes – they just do not have time or patience. Instead, they want to open their emails client and send an instant message … but what email address are you giving them? It’s time to see professional emails for your business.

Think about this: Are they emailing to yourcompany@gmail(dot)com or companyname@yahoo(dot)com, or are you providing them a professional email? If you want to increase your level of credibility and increase your perception, then you need a professional emails for business.

What is a Professional Email Address?

A business email address is one that uses the domain name of your business, such as Every business should create a business emails address. They make your brand more professional, build trust in customers and expand customer loyalty.

For a professional business email address, you will need a Top-level domain name and a website. If you want to know How to Choose Top-Level Domain for your Business Website than read this article. Delegate Studio offers a Ready Made Website with Top-level Domain, Managed Hosting, Business Emails, Website Builder, SSL Certificate, On-page SEO Optimization, and 24/7 Support.

If you already have a domain name and a website, then you are ready for your own professional email address.

Benefits of Using Professional Email Address for your Business:

1.Build Credibility And Trust

You have a professional email address such as your or not only seems to be more professional but also adds more credibility to your business. It also sends the signal that you are serious about the business, because your business email address reflects your professionalism.

It also gives your business a quick identity, otherwise, with those free emails services, your customers keep thinking about who you are and many times your email ends in the spam box.

2. Ease of Communication

Due to its large convenience, the emails have reached a high level of popularity. Messages run faster and lots of information can be shared via emails or through attachments. Emails are easily archived and searched. Email writers give an opportunity to think through their thoughts and present professional-level communication. Businesses use emails to solve new customers, provide customer service and stop employees from developing. The versatility of email makes it an essential part of any modern small business.

3. Look Professional

Business Email ID is a brand identity for your business. Working with his client, his look is a professional. The professional email ID produces the trust between the provider and the consumer.

Emails templates are not easy to use; They are also designed to ensure that when you reach your audience’s inbox, you can look professional. You can insert your content and customize each email template with your logo and colors to ensure that it matches your brand.

4. Easy to find your Business Website Online

The business email id contains the domain name. This type of email ID is helpful in helping to locate the website’s name on the Internet and generate visitors to our website. This type of corporate email ID creates generous visitors for business and can make the business cash advantage. They enroll in the products and services you offer.

5. Brand your Business

The email ID creates a brand for your business, when you send an email to the customer, your email ID then advertises the name of your company to the prospective customer. Make them feel trusted about your company.

“There is an important reinforcement of the email brand. This really helps in establishing reliability. ”

With email marketing, you can strengthen the brand’s identity with new and potential customers, and when people can move forward or share their message with a friend, you can increase your reach.

6. Help in Lead Generation

Business Email ID helps in building relationships with potential customers and maintaining relationships with reliable connectivity through corporate emails. People feel safe & secure on sending their personal details on Business email id.

“This is great for generating leads”.

Anyone who is not included in your emails list will be ready to make a purchase or sign up for the service. Emails give you the opportunity to attract the attention of a new visitor and nurture relationships with helpful and informative content.

7. Marketing and Increase website traffic

Marketing is the main commercial use of emails. A well-run email marketing campaign is effective, cheaper and treats customers well. Any business can start a regular e-newsletter with content attracting customers, and puts the business in front of their mind. All this comes without the print and postal expenses associated with physical news and mailing.

“Email definitely works. ”

Whether you are doing an e-commerce business that sells products online or retail store that wants to increase traffic to your website so you can bring more people to your store – emails marketing campaigns will always help you.

8. It’s Inexpensive…And Easy

You can set a branded emails address for free or at a fairly reasonable cost through a domain name provider or web hosting company. Now the great advantage of registering a domain name is how it can grow with your business – use it to brand your branded email today and in the future for your website.

Small budgets are often the reality of small business life. Businesses can keep costs low by using low cost or free web emails services. Many documents that were sent through postal service at regular postal rates can be sent by email. This savings increases significantly over time. The speed of email saves money too. Modifying a proposal and reacting to the needs of customers can quickly distinguish between a manufactured sale and lost a sale.

9. Get Data Security

It is widely known that free email service providers have to face hacking and malware attacks in addition to the risk of spamming. They lack necessary security measures and thus are not suitable to use for a business’s confidential operation, also that you are not in full control of your own e-mail.

But, you get many security features in your business email address that protects you from hacking, spamming, and malware attacks. You can install the proper security plug-ins and maintain the security of your e-mail system, as you are in full control of it. You can add an account, change password, and delete it at your disposal.

10. Backup & Privacy Protection

Free email services have a high probability of crashing, hacking and even closure without warning. If you are not getting regular backups of your email. Then you may have to lose a lot of important information, which will make a big setback for your business. In addition, you do not have complete privacy protection with free email services, so that confidential information can be lost.

With your own email, you either host the data in-house or through a company, with which your service level agreement is reached. Both should include backup and casual tactics. This ensures that no matter what happens, your data will be safe, accessible and professional continuity will be maintained.

What should you do next?

Now, I am too sure you well known about after reading the above benefits of using Professional Email Address. Finally, if you have a business today, you should have a digital web address and a professional email address that matches your brand. It is a way of separating yourself from an amateur and dangerous phish scam in the eyes of its customers.

It’s time to set up your business email and spread company message to the world! With the business email address, you can actually open the doors for your brand. You can openly interact with clients and clients, empower your sales team and make customer service teams really responsible for any inquiries.

Now I am sure that you are well aware of the benefits of using professional emails for your business after reading this guide. You’ll still need to pay for only website hosting because you get the email service for free with your hosting package. Many hosting providers provide email hosting and emails with professional hosting. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to check out Delegate Hosting, where you can get an email with web hosting for your professional website, and a domain.