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11 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress 2021: Compare and Review

In this article, we tell you about top 11 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress. Comments on your WordPress website are a great way to promote social interaction among visitors. Your readers can ask questions, share their opinion about your topic and create a discussion. You can also add social sharing tools and integrated communities so that you can reach more audiences.

In this article, we tell you about top 11 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress in 2021. Comments on your WordPress website are a great way to promote social interaction among visitors. Your readers can ask questions, share their opinion about your topic and create a discussion. You can also add social sharing tools and integrated communities so that you can reach more audiences.

In this way, you build a good relationship with the user base, and also brand trust. In addition, user-created content enhances your SEO, which will drive even more potential customers to your website. Without comments, most websites will feel dry and monotonous.

As a blogging platform, WordPress already has a default commenting system that works well for many.

However, if this does not work for you, and you are looking for something better, then read this article. In this, we display the best WordPress comment plugins. All comment plugin included in this article work with the latest versions of WordPress, and they continue to receive updates from Devs. Nothing old here. You will have lots of WordPress comment plugin to choose from, so let’s get started!

Why do you have comments on your WordPress website?

Increased interaction:

Opening the comments section on your website not only provides an easy way for people to discuss the content they are reading but also gives you a chance to interact with your site visitors. If you are writing for a specific audience, adding a comment section to each article will allow you to interact with your audience in a smooth and fast manner. Answer more questions, direct people to other resources, and even if you run an eCommerce shop using the comments section of your site, you can convert more readers into customers.

Content ideas:

Reading through your readers’ comments can really give you an idea of ​​what to write next. Some may not fully understand your subject and are looking for a more deeply related subject. So, you can write your next article based on your readers’ comments. Some readers may also suggest topics they want to read from your blog. So, if you struggle with thinking about what to publish next, the comments section is a good source of ideas.

SEO Boost:

Yes, your readers’ comments can help increase the SEO performance of your website. If they often use the keywords you want to rank, then boom, your post will definitely start ranking higher for those specific keywords. Google will also be aware that many readers are engaging and interacting with your blog and can rank you higher. Also, the longer people on your site interact with other users, the higher rank you will achieve.


The comments section allows your readers to provide their immediate feedback about your article or possibly about what you are doing. Sometimes it is difficult to know what improvements you should make to increase conversions. Luckily, some people will tell you how they feel about your content, products, or services. Know what people like (and what they don’t like) and adjust accordingly.

Better Communities:

When you see more and more readers commenting on your blog when you start building your community around it and you will see a form of loyalty from your readers. Improved Community the more loyal your readers and customers are, the better. By allowing people to interact regularly with your content, you build a long-lasting, strong community. This can help in your business or moving forward.

A list of Best WordPress Plugins to Manage Comments on Your WordPress Website

  1. JetPack comments
  2. Thrive Comments
  3. Disqus comments system
  4. wpDiscuz
  5. Hyvor Talk
  6. GraphComment
  7. WpDevArt Facebook Comments
  8. Super Socializer
  9. De: Comments
  10. Lazy Load for comments
  11. Replyable by Postmatic

Some of these are standalone plugins that make huge changes to your comments section, while others have small features that you can add to some of the other plugins on this list.

1. JetPack Comments – Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

best wordpress comment plugins 2020

Jetpack is an awesome comment plugin, created by the same people who created WordPress. It is one of the most popular plugins in the market. A good part of Jetpack is its user interface (UI) which is reliable. It has a good developer support team to back up and is regularly updated, making it a website free of bugs and many other issues. As far as spammers are concerned, with this plugin, you no longer have to worry about them. In addition, this plugin removes the concerns that surround the SEO score for your website.

If you are already using Jetpack comments for other purposes, then you should definitely use it for comments as well. Jetpack upgrades the stock WordPress comment system. This allows visitors to log in with social media to post comments. They can use their Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress accounts to do this. Essentially, the comments will look as if they were used in the stock system, but were upgraded to better with additional social logins.

Jetpack comment plugin from Automatic provides a combination of features for those who want to get additional functionality without installing a wide range of plugins. For example, Jetpack has an analytics module to see how many people visit your site every day. It also has automatic post scheduling, advertising options, and security tools. There is just a small taste of what you get from a jetpack, considering that you have dozens of features to test. The only downside is that some of the best settings are reserved for paying customers.

Jetpack set the limits for the default WordPress comment system, keeping everyone nice. A really great plugin. Unfortunately, most of the useful features in Jetpack, such as spam filtering, site monetization, and security scanning, can only be used when you use a premium plan (which only costs $ 39 per year).

2. Thrive Comments – Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

best comment system for wordpress

The Thrive Comment Package is sold as a premium plugin, so there is no option to download it for free and try it out. However, it is a powerful solution to replace the original WordPress comments. A license pack sells for $ 39 and allows you to install it on a website. This includes a full year of Thrive comments features and support along with unlimited free updates. Also, you will only upgrade if you need to use comments on multiple websites.

Thrive comments brought to you by Thrive Themes. Its main priority is to help you increase conversions on your website, which most comment systems do not. To encourage users to leave comments, you can place a simplification badge so that active commentators get special recognition, and threaded replies make it easier for users to interact with specific comments.

The Thrive Comments is a premium self-hosted WordPress comment plugin that completely replaces the original WordPress comment system with its own interface. This powerful plugin gathers all the most addictive elements of social media and community forums and adds them to your WordPress comments.

3. Disqus Comments system – Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

disqus comment wordpress plugin

Disqus commenting system is one of the most popular and famous commenting plugins. You can interlink Disqus from your website through the Disqus API and then sync it with WordPress comments in your dashboard. This makes commenting easy and interactive. This thread provides commenting and provides notifications and replies via email.

It has many features like spam filtering, blacklist, and white list and many other powerful tools and widgets. With Disqus, you connect with a larger community, which gives your audience wider exposure and readership. It also has social share buttons that allow you to share comments.

Disqus offers a range of comprehensive features for publishers that you can also tap, giving you options for further engagement and running monetization content. If you are expecting enough traffic and a live audience, Discus is a great option to consider as a separate managed process to actually own site comments.

In the beginning, Discus didn’t have any commercials unless you wanted them for your own daring efforts. However, the company has decided to include these ads in the free basic plan. It is good that the plan is still free, but there are some downsides. For features in that scheme, you can expect items like regular comment plugin, spam filters, analytics, configurable ads, and minor tools.

After that, you can pay $ 9 per month to remove those ads and get customer support directly from the Discus team. Finally, the $ 89 per month Pro plan includes options such as priority support, shadow restrictions, and email subscriptions.

4. wpDiscuz – Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

wpdiscuz wordpress comment plugin

The original WordPress comment plugin wpDiscuz tries to capture the same functionality you get with something like Discus, just in a self-hosted package. It is quickly one of the best in the WordPress plugin directory, impressive with over 50,000 downloads and a 4.8 rating out of 5 – not bad at all.

Unlike solutions like Discus, the wpDiscuz plugin tries to start with the basic commenting functionality of WordPress and build things from there. The plugin is flexible, best documented, and has many impressive front end features such as nested comments, integration with social login, and integration with Postmatic (more on the latter).

wpDiscuz is a hassle-free alternative to Disqus (mentioned above). Create custom comment forms and fields, enable AJAX loading for optimal performance, and keep everything happening in your comments section in your WordPress database.

Another benefit of WpDiscuz is how the core plugin is completely free. You do not have to worry about monthly or annual fees, and the platform customer support is pretty much everything you need to keep in mind. However, there are some add-ons to increase the functionality of wpDiscuz. For example, you want a comment search tool or a subscription manager. For these features, you have to spend from $ 25 to $ 100 depending on the add-on and how many sites you would like to use it on.

5. Hyvor Talk

hyvor talk

Hyvor Talk is ad-free, fully-customizable, fast, and protects end-user privacy “by design”, and is GDPR Compliant. It offers a WordPress plugin and a Blogger widget. It can be installed on any CMS using the HTML code. The real gem here is the console. It provides tools to easily moderate the comments. It has an in-built spam detector to prevent spam comments. Moreover, the installation process is quite simple and only takes a few steps.

A built-in spam detector and blocker are quite adept at keeping out unnecessary links and comments that would clutter your website. It takes into account the user’s reputation and the search ranking of the links they are sharing before reaching a decision. Easy access to a large library of emojis, gifts, and images allow people to fully express themselves. These powerful features come in a lightweight package with optimized code for your website.

Hyvor Talk excels at generating traffic on your website through community engagement. Anyone registered on the system can comment; even guests and anonymous users are allowed to share their opinions provided they fill out a reCAPTCHA test.

Hyvor Talk starts at $5 per month for its Premium Plan and will offer some serious features on its Business Plan, which costs $35 per month.

6. GraphComment – Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

graphcomment comment system wordpress plugin

GraphComment is a powerful comment plugin with a modern, clean look that is organized and easy for readers, no matter how many people have left comments. It is optimized for performance, so the speed of your site is never sacrificed, and you can easily manage all comments in the WordPress dashboard.

GraphComment is a plugin that can transform the original comment system on WordPress into an online social discussion group. Although it has many functions, GraphComment has two main components.

The first component is the bubble flow. This smart moderation system is designed to allow users to handle interactions in comments columns and display discussions in real-time.

The second component is the bubble rank. It serves to prevent spam attacks using special algorithms. Overall, GraphComment is the perfect plugin to handle large visitor engagement.

Some interesting tools include discussion, vote and share options with media embedding. If you run a commercial, professional or a personal blog, you have the option of getting a free personal plan. It offers five themes and will require a fully functional comment system for many expected features. A more successful blog may consider a $ 19 per month plan for more topics, moderator support, smart moderation and more. GraphComment also provides an enterprise plan for those with customization requirements.

7. WpDevArt Facebook Comments

wpdevart social comments wordpress plugin

WpDevArt Facebook Comments is another great plugin for integrating Facebook with your comments section on WordPress. The WpDevArt Facebook Comments Plugin is a tool that allows you to show Facebook comments to visitors to your website.

This user-friendly plugin is available for free. You can upgrade to the Pro version to get access to features such as choosing a color scheme, setting the background color, and 39 awesome animation effects. For those of you who want to show Facebook comments of your visitors, they are improving your website traffic, this plugin trick.

The WpDevArt Facebook Comment Plugin is straightforward to use and install. You can disable and enable Facebook account comments for any post or page to your liking. There are some customization features like setting text color, font size, and family. You can also customize how the comments section looks, setting the width, location, and even language. There is also a pro version. This will allow you to change the color scheme, but will also use animations and receive premium assistance.

The WpDevArt Facebook Comment plugin has a paid premium plan (cost $ 10 to $ 31 per month) with more features, such as custom background settings and dozens of animation effects.

8. Super Socializer

wordpress super social share comment plugin

For a lightweight, free comment system, consider Super Socializer Plugins. It provides a powerful combination of social sharing and logging in tools. For example, you can place social follow marks on comments to get more people following your brand in places like Facebook and Instagram. Super Socializer also offers a social share option for over 100 social networks. This means that everything from Pinterest to LinkedIn is supported.

It has no premium version is sold for the Super Socializer plugin. Therefore, you can simply download the free core plugin and get all the features listed on the plugin page. It is very clear that this is the ultimate social comment tool, with options for networks such as WhatsApp, Reddit, and Telegram.

Due to this excessive focus on social login, your users will not have to sign up for your blog. This is seen as a bad thing for some blogs, but it is often the case that if the user is to undergo another third-party account creation, they will skip commenting altogether. Apart from all this, the Super Socializer is modern and lightweight, with mobile responsive modules and some compatible features such as plugins with BuddyPress and WoCOM. So, you can have a comment thread in your social network or consider adding fields to your WooCommerce product pages.

9. De: Comments

decomments wordpress plugin

De: Comments are one of the most powerful WordPress plugins for comments that completely replace the original comment system. It is easy to install and fully customizable, enabling you to enable social sharing, avatars, badges, and internal polling. One of their stand-out features is their badge system that rewards and encourages the most active users by adding simplification to the comment process. All of this helps to turn your comments section into a more entertaining space.

In addition, De: Comments also offers many features such as multi-language localization, instant media attachment, and voting system. This plugin is the right choice for those of you looking for WordPress comment plugins with lots of features and lots of customization options.

De: Comments are the most powerful WordPress plugin for comments. This premium plugin provides a variety of tools to help you increase engagement on your blog. D: Comment plugin does not provide a free version. However, a $ 50 package for a year on one site is not bad. After that, you will need to upgrade to a $ 100 plan for three sites or a $ 300 plan for 10 sites

You can completely revise your comments section and like a vote on comments to your readers to do different things and like and dislike them, use a social login feature And can sign in with their existing accounts, share comments on social media, and more. Users can add pictures, GIFs, videos, tweets and more to their comments.

10. Lazy Load for comments

lazy load for comments wordpress plugin

Lazy load for comments plugin is not a replacement for the native WordPress comment system. It also does not change the front-end of the comments section of your site. But what it does is improve the speed and performance of your website, which is very helpful for sites with high traffic, with a lot of comment activity.

However, despite the configuration being very simple, this plugin has already supported automatic translation features, custom hooks to create an additional function, and a filter system to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Only when a user performs an assigned action (click or scroll) will the comment section appear on your site. And since your comment section is below the content of your site, not displaying the comment section will harm the user experience.

Lazy load for comments delays loading your display section improves these performances until the user starts scrolling down the page. Because your comments section is always below the content of each post, it does not negatively affect the user experience. This plugin is suitable for those who want to prioritize website speed rather than providing some additional functions that are not really very important (like emojis or memes).

11. Replyable by Postmatic

replyable wordpress comment plugin

How often do you comment on a blog, and then completely forget about doing it? Okay, this also happens on your site. That is why you have to install Replyable.

This comment plugin allows users to subscribe to comments via email. But that’s not all, Replyable also answers them directly by email. The plugin eliminates the need to return to the page, log in, and reply to a comment. It is a smart plugin and uses machine learning to filter through comments. Ansible will either send an email for the most relevant comments or bundle multiple comments together into daily comments. This will not flood users with millions of emails for every comment made.

Answerable commentary keeps the discussion live, and is very valuable for any website as it keeps viewers engaged. Even people who are not leaving comments, like to read them and are able to answer them keep coming back to your site. It is also compatible with another popular comment plugins like wpDiscuz and works well with your anti-spam tools as well. Awesome plugin.

Replyable by Postmatic is a WordPress plugin that takes comment subscription to another level. The plugin is free to download, but if you want premium features like the ability to comment right from your inbox, it costs $ 2.99 per month.

Wrapping Things Up

Yes, comments are one of the great ways to connect with your readers. But, moderating comments can be very time-consuming. You can setup the above WordPress Comment Plugins through plugins setting or some plugins provide widgets and short-codes.

If you are running an average WordPress site, I recommend sticking with the native WordPress commenting system on something external like these WordPress plugins (Jetpack, Disqus, De: Comments). Until you receive hundreds of comments per post, however, you probably won’t see much in performance improvement.

We hope you have liked this article on the 11 best comment plugins for WordPress. Now you have great tools to increase activity in your comments section and manage all the new comments you receive.

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