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25 Best Membership WordPress Plugins 2022 – Review & Compared

Are you transforming your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site? Choosing the proper WordPress membership plugin is crucial to making a far better platform. The membership plugin is designed to help you create memberships and then provide these members with access to content.

Are you transforming your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site? Choosing the proper WordPress membership plugin is crucial to making a far better platform. The membership plugin is designed to help you create memberships and then provide these members with access to content. In this article, we are going to discuss about Best Membership WordPress Plugins.

But how can this increase your profits?

The membership plugin allows you to easily perform the following operations: Create email lists so you can send coupons or updates to customers Share free content to build a loyal following Charge for member-specific content In this article, we shared the 25 best Membership WordPress plugins to keep your website up and running.

Here are 25 Best Membership WordPress Plugins:

  1. MemberPress
  2. Ultimate Membership Pro
  3. Membership by Supsystic
  4. LearnDash
  5. ARMember
  6. WooCommerce Memberships
  7. Restrict Content Pro
  8. Paid Membership Pro
  9. BuddyBoss
  10. S2Member
  11. aMember Pro
  12. Paid Member Subscriptions
  13. Ultimate Member
  14. ProfileGrid
  15. MemberMouse
  16. Restrict User Access
  17. Memberful WP
  18. Wishlist Member
  19. Simple Membership
  20. AccessAlly
  21. WP-Members
  22. ARMember
  23. MagicMembers
  24. YITH WooCommerce Membership
  25. Institute Management Pro

1.  MemberPress

memberpress best membership wordpress plugin

MemberPress is an all-in-one membership plugin for WordPress, which can easily convert your current website into a fully functional membership website.

With MemberPress, you can create an unlimited number of memberships (and customize all memberships, including the price paid by the member, who can become a member and how long the trial period of the member will last).

Then, you can group members, control their upgrade path, and create dynamic pricing pages. It is also easy to send emails to your members. For example, you can use email integration to advertise holiday promotions or quick sales.

MemberPress also gives you control over coupons. You can control the expiration date, choose a discount percentage or fixed amount, determine which products they apply to, or change the coupon code (usually generated automatically) to a custom code.

As long as you set up a payment method and create a product, MemberPress will automatically process the payment. The plugin also has built-in support for payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and

Features of MemberPress

  • Integration with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.
  • Including content drops and contact expiration
  • Simple payment gateway integration
  • Customizable checkout

2. Ultimate Membership Pro

ultmate membership pro wordpress plugin

The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin provides you with the tools you need to sell subscriptions and memberships, regardless of the type of website you run. It is integrated with WooCommerce for semi-automatic billing and subscription of regular products. It is one of the best-selling Membership WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon and claims to be able to checkout.

Multiple levels of membership can help your users choose the amount they want to pay, while free and trial settings allow customers to experience the services you provide.

Even for plugins with many features, the Ultimate Membership Pro dashboard looks slick and well organized. Sometimes, people forget the importance of developer support for WordPress plugins.

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin is an example that shows how dedicated developers can play a huge role in updating, answering user questions, and providing reliable features that users really want to see.

In addition, developers sometimes get discounts on plugins, so please pay attention to these discounts. It is already an affordable membership plugin, if you want to pay a little more, it will come with future customer support.

Features of Ultimate Membership Pro

  • It allows you to restrict pages such as WordPress posts and pages.
  • Configure periodic payments daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Your customers can log in with their social accounts.
  • Hide part of the navigation menu until the user pays for the member.
  • Drop your content and send email notifications.
  • Use custom fields to make your registration form more suitable for your site.
  • This plugin allows you to integrate with nine popular email marketing services.
  • You can restrict members from sharing their accounts.
  • Integrate with BuddyPress to build a complete online community.
  • The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin is reasonably priced and has an incredible list of features.
  • As we all know, developers are committed to adding features and responding to user comments.
  • Partial content restriction means that all you have to do is copy and paste the shortcode to block part of the content. This is perfect for displaying trailer content.
  • A long list of payment gateways can be used, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie. Ultimate Membership Pro is one of the few Membership WordPress plugins with numerous payment options.
  • You can use conditional logic, special fields and custom redirects for fully customized membership sites.
  • The Gutenberg module can be used to add drip content blocks immediately.

3. Membership by Supsystic

membership by supsystic

Membership by Supsystic is a free WordPress membership plugin with some other advanced extensions. For example, the price of a single site license that restricts content expansion is $39.

Some other extensions include:

  • Restrict content by user role
  • WooCommerce
  • Social network integration
  • E-commerce
  • Subscription content
  • Social login

As for the main features, we are happy that you can configure custom forms, member directories, and real-time notifications without paying for advanced extensions.

The plug-in provides private messaging out of the box, and the complete friend and follow system is also useful.

Features of Membership by Supsystic:

  • You will receive a completely free membership plugin. These features are rich, so you don’t need to pay for extensions. If you need to expand, you only need to visit the site and buy one or two, you can buy a lot.
  • All other extensions are separate, so you don’t need to pay for features you don’t use. This provides impressive flexibility.
  • Users can register and log in from the front end, and administrators have tools for customizing the login form.
  • Members can manage their personal data and become friends with others. We like the idea of ​​providing your members with private profiles to make them feel like they have a small “room” in your community. They can upload images, update their biographies, and monitor who contacts them.
  • The free version provides drip irrigation content support. Develop a drip irrigation content strategy from the first day, you only need to make small changes to the future. The plug-in automates most processes.
  • Organize groups to build your community and give your members the power to chair these groups.
  • Send private messages to users through the quick chat function.
  • Import data from BuddyPress and integrate with popular community plugins to improve the efficiency of member management.
  • Use role restrictions to provide some members with more content than others.

4. LearnDash

learndash membership wordpress plugin

LearnDash is a WordPress membership and popular LMS plugin built to create and sell online courses on your website. This is a very easy-to-use tool with many integrations, membership modules and powerful management functions.

The company recommends you can use it for higher education, professional training and WordPress projects. The membership tool includes options for creating bundles and subscriptions.

You can set any pricing model that suits your school and send renewal reminders. Refund protection is a unique feature that only arranges content within the entire time frame to reduce the chance of refunds.

Features of LearnDash

  • Advanced course builder—If selling online courses is the main goal of a membership website, LearnDash can meet your requirements. Their drag and drop course generator allows you to create multi-layer courses with categories, courses, topics, assignments, and quizzes.
  • Easy payment structure-you can create any pricing model you want, including one-time sales, subscriptions and membership packages. You can also use more than 300 payment gateways available. Great, because the goal here is to generate the most revenue and make the process super easy for your users.
  • Comprehensive membership management-you can fully control the student’s learning progress. Features include front-end user profiles for users, detailed reports, and automatic email notifications to encourage participation.
  • Advanced technology-LearnDash supports the latest technology and is compatible with WordPress multisite. This membership plugin can be used on any WordPress theme without writing code. Also, insert a large number of different media types and know that your courses will look great on mobile devices.

5. ARMember


ARMember is a free WordPress membership plugin with multiple functions. You can create unlimited membership levels, click to restrict content, click content and more. It also comes with a built-in form builder that allows you to make custom forms and registration pages.

The premium price is a one-time fee, and the ARMember dashboard is almost as clean. Users can see their personal information, password settings, membership information and transactions.

The free version is a newer product provided by developers, but it can solve the problem of building a complete membership website with multiple plans, subscriptions, payment methods, etc.

Feature of ARMember:

  • Create free members and trial members
  • Ability to upgrade, cancel, renew or downgrade membership
  • Social login form
  • Badges and achievements
  • Drip irrigation / scheduled content

6. WooCommerce Memberships

woocommerce memberships

WooCommerce Membership is an add-on to WooCommerce that allows you to restrict content so that it is only available to registered members of your website. If your membership site will accept recurring payments, you also need the WooCommerce subscription plugin.

In WooCommerce membership, you can create a purchasing club, which means that members must first register to enter the club. You can even ask them to register to get permission to buy exclusive products!

By expanding the membership site, you will be able to use the collected email address to send members notifications about loyalty discounts or holiday sales.

The WooCommerce membership plugin also allows you to give away membership while selling a product.

The WooCommerce membership plugin can provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which may give you peace of mind.

One feature missing from WooCommerce membership is recurring billing. However, you can add this feature by integrating another extension WooCommerce subscription for a price of $199.

WooCommerce subscription extension is arguably the best recurring payment plugin for WordPress, when used with WooCommerce membership, it allows you to add important features such as trial membership, recurring billing, and membership upgrade/downgrade.

Features of WooCommerce Membership:

  • Integration with constant contact
  • Member area only
  • Content dripping
  • Free shipping for members
  • Easy communication with members

7. Restrict Content Pro

restrict content pro

Restrict Content Pro is a lightweight WordPress membership plugin, created by the team that built Easy Digital Downloads. If you are not confident in setting up a membership plugin, Restrict Content Pro can help you: the plugin provides comments to guide you through the setup page.

The plug-in is also full of functions, can standardize content access, and developers are constantly adding new features.

You can also get ideas through pricing. For paid memberships, you can choose to charge a certain fee within a set period, as well as an optional one-time fee. This combination allows for some interesting pricing structures. For example, you can charge a monthly fee of $20 and a one-time registration fee of $50.

If users want to move between plans, they can easily upgrade or downgrade and distribute the amount paid by their new plan proportionally. Of course, only you allow it. Few member plugins provide this feature.

Restrict Content Pro provides many options for payment integration, including Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout,, PayPal and PayPal Standard and Express. The plug-in can also handle multiple payment methods at once.

To “try to buy first”, check out the live demo site of Restrict Contents Pro.

Features of Restrict Content Pro

  • Different membership levels
  • Customer dashboard so that members can view and manage account details
  • Content dripping
  • Unlimited subscription package
  • Member email
  • Can offer discounts for member subscriptions

8. Paid Membership Pro

paid membership pro wordpress plugin

Paid Membership Pro is a free WordPress membership plugin with many features. In addition, it can be extended by plug-ins.

With the paid membership professional version, you can set flexible prices, coupons and discount codes, drip content, etc., thereby setting unlimited access levels. People who use this plugin can successfully manage thousands of members, accept payments for digital courses, and create social communities with special interests.

Because it includes core features, most legitimate membership sites will choose the paid version. That being said, the free version does offer 19 free add-ons, so it may be useful for smaller membership sites.

For ordinary businesses, the Plus plan makes the most sense, but developers may need the Unlimited plan, which supports as many sites as needed. The price is 597 dollars.

Features of Paid Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Integration with constant contact
  • Pay per post/view
  • Compatible with: PayPal, PayPal Pro/Express, 2CheckOut, Stripe
  • Allow recurring payments
  • Member-specific product discounts
  • 60 plus advanced add-ons.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Restrict custom post types, individual pages and certain parts of the content.
  • Can generate a complete membership directory.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress multisite.

9. BuddyBoss

buddyboss membership wordpress plugin

BuddyBoss provides full-featured membership themes and plugins to configure a site that provides membership customization, online communities and courses. Flexible plugins are integrated with most WordPress themes, or you can choose to start a membership website from scratch with a BuddyBoss theme.

Cannot choose to get this plugin for free. You can conduct an online sandbox demonstration on the BuddyBoss website for testing to understand how the plugin works.

The starting price of a theme and plugin license is $228 per year. Other plans will increase prices, but if you plan to run multiple membership sites, more licenses will be provided.

Some features of BuddyPress include the ability to sell online courses, build communities and run company training programs. This is particularly attractive to non-profit organizations and online schools.

Features of BuddyBoss

  • The BuddyBoss package comes with a plug-in and a theme. This can increase your flexibility as a business owner, because you can immediately use the theme to build a membership website, or you can integrate with other themes where a different look is needed.
  • The plugin includes options for selling courses, handling multiple levels of membership, and allowing those users to chat topics through online communities.
  • You are not limited to the features that come with the software, but you can also see that BuddyBoss is not sold as a SaaS tool, but can be used with other plugins and well-integrated plugins.
  • Member profiles are very modern and easy to use, with private messaging, forum discussions and event planning modules. Each member can also get his own media album for uploading and organizing photos.
  • Memberships and subscriptions can be sold, and you can link to WooCommerce to sell memberships along with other products.
  • Sell ​​or give away online courses with quizzes, bit of content and reports. It also has the option of issuing a certificate when someone completes the course.
  • The gamification feature of BuddyBoss adds an interesting environment to your community. Some gamification elements include rewards, achievements, points and levels.
  • Integration with page builders (such as Gutenberg, Elementor, etc.).
  • You can integrate with various third-party plugins and software, such as LearnDash, Elementor and WooCommerce.

10. S2Member

s2member framework membership wordpress plugin

S2Member is another free WordPress membership plugin. The free version has some limitations, but it can provide you with a good starting point.

With the professional version, you will be able to use one of the most comprehensive Membership WordPress plugins on the market. S2Member includes features such as content drops, user roles, one-step registration and checkout, unlimited paid membership levels and more.

Features of S2Member

  • Easy to accept regular payments
  • Include PayPal integration in the framework version
  • You can use Stripe, ClickBank, PayPal Pro and integration in Pro
  • Coupon code and coupon code tracking
  • Gift certificate code
  • Customizable form template

11. aMember Pro

a2member pro wordpress plugin

aMember is a comprehensive membership plugin built into PHP, but allows integration into WordPress. Therefore, one of the disadvantages of using aMember as a membership plugin is that you may encounter compatibility issues with other WordPress plugins.

The membership plug-in has unlimited membership levels, more than 200 payment methods (including PayPal, Stripe and, full-featured membership management, etc.

The main list price of aMember software is $179.95 (temporary discount is $149.36). This is a lifetime license that can provide you with six months of support and does not require monthly or annual payments.

Features of aMember Pro

  • This is a complete set of membership tools, organized into one software. The software can be seamlessly integrated with your WordPress blog or any CMS you use.
  • The membership program is included in the membership, eliminating the need to install and pay for third-party membership tools.
  • You can send newsletters you choose to receive directly from the aMember dashboard. Again, this is another feature that does not require other services, such as MailChimp.
  • Customers can use a large number of fields to create and manage their user profiles.
  • Set subscription levels and accept payments by choosing from more than 200 payment systems. Some of them include PayPal, 2Checkout and Stripe.
  • In addition to English, the aMember plugin is also translated into six other languages. Support Chinese, Greek, Spanish, French, Russian and German.
  • Use incremental content delivery for certain types of members to create an unlimited number of membership levels.
  • The automatic registration system speeds up your administrator duties. You also don’t have to cancel someone’s membership, because expiration has already been done for you.
  • The membership management module provides everything from coupon codes to flexible registration forms and fail-back payment processors.

12. Paid Member Subscriptions

paid member subscriptions

Paid Membership Subscriptions is a very easy to set up but powerful membership plugin. As one of our favorite Membership WordPress plugins, you can manage unlimited subscription plans, limit content (posts, pages or custom post types) and get paid almost immediately. It also integrates with WooCommerce.

Although the core plug-in is free, it comes with a large number of advanced plug-ins that extend its functionality. You will find products such as discount codes, email reminders, setting up recurring memberships or paying the price you want in an add-on form.

In the Pro version you can find more advanced payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal Pro, as well as “invoices” or “content drips.” The advantage of this plugin is that it does not have a complicated setting page, and the core plugin is enough to build a complete membership website and start accepting payments. For everything else, you may need additional components.

Features of Paid Membership Subscription

  • You can use shortcodes to create “login”, “register” and “account” pages.
  • Create unlimited subscription plans
  • Restrict content based on membership or login status.
  • Provides a “pay-as-you-go” pricing function, allowing your users to choose how much money they send to you each month.
  • Support free trial and registration fee.
  • Integration with WooCommerce allows administrators to restrict viewing of products, purchase and provide members with special product prices.
  • You can use the shortcode to place the login module anywhere on the site.
  • It can customize the email template.
  • Export member data for use elsewhere or to send to stakeholders.
  • The basic report will fill in your income and the members who need to re-subscribe.
  • The “Prevent Account Sharing” feature prevents your members from providing their login credentials to friends and family. It achieves this by preventing multiple logins from different locations.
  • You can access several basic and advanced add-ons.

13. Ultimate Member

ultimate member

The economic way to build a membership website is the Ultimate Member plugin. The price of the core version of the plugin is $0, and you only need to pay for the extensions you need.

As an alternative, you can use the $249 bundle to get all Ultimate Member premium extensions at a discounted price. The themes are also sold at higher prices.

The prices of these extensions vary, but most extensions are around $35. A star element of the Ultimate Member plugin is the configuration file, the front-end registration page and the overall beauty of the entire UI. You might think this is a premium plugin that costs hundreds of dollars, but it is free and supported by extension sales.

It is also compatible with Gutenberg and provides five blocks to create your member profile area and set up content such as directories and password reset pages. When using the Ultimate Member plugin, there is no need to know any coding knowledge or hire developers. It can be used immediately and even includes a drag and drop builder for the ultimate beginner-friendly situation.

Features of Ultimate Member

  • The Ultimate Member plugin is free to use, and some extensions are also provided for free.
  • You can pay for premium expansions separately, or you can save money by getting a full expansion bundle.
  • Conditional logic form fields and custom form fields are used to build the exact type of form required for your membership site.
  • The front-end user registration and profile modules have custom options.
  • Compared with some premium member plugins in this list, all front and back interfaces look the same.
  • There are many beginner-friendly features, such as drag and drop generators and Gutenberg modules.
  • You can access a large library of premium and free extensions, some of which provide tools for stock photos, groups, private content, etc.
  • WordPress themes can also be used with Membership WordPress plugins. Considering everything is designed and ready for them, this may be one of the easiest ways for someone to start a membership website.
  • Customer support is top-notch, it has a support forum, getting started guide and contact information to provide answers to your questions.

14. ProfileGrid


As a profile creation and management plugin, ProfileGrid provides a combination of simplicity and extreme scalability, with most of the same features as membership software.

Core plugins include WooCommerce integration, support for bbPress and advanced forms. You can also conduct group activities, log out menus and user profiles.

Since then, advanced features provide MailChimp integration, geographic location and group walls for users to discuss topics on public forums. Social login helps speed up the login process, and the front-end group creator ensures that your users don’t have to cause too much trouble on the back-end.

In addition, you can run most functions for free. It may sometimes need to be upgraded to get other functions. In this case, you can choose one of the many extensions, or you can pay $79 for the premium version of the plugin.

The premium version can usually work by activating certain extensions that you currently need. For example, you may need to turn on the Instagram photo integration or user tagging module to track your members.

Features of ProfileGrid

  • This is a lightweight plug-in that does not require intensive software that may overload your computer or server.
  • You can use it with several other plugins, like WooCommerce and bbPress.
  • User blogs, private messaging and friend systems strongly encourage users to communicate and participate.
  • This is a reliable plugin that allows your users to upload larger content files.
  • Create your own membership level with the help of payment systems such as Stripe and PayPal.
  • The ProfileGrid plugin contains various security elements, such as reCAPTCHA switching, whitelist/blacklist settings, site keys, etc.
  • Restricting content is done by the administrator and provides some options to restrict the content of certain members and allow some of your content to be displayed for free.
  • Personal information is very detailed, but very simple, ordinary people can quickly upload and create profile photos, group photos, biographical information, and any other custom fields you include.
  • You receive a powerful group management tool for elements such as adding a badge to a group, setting it to private and associating only certain WordPress users with the group.
  • The directory page allows administrators and users to filter users to find friends and people with similar interests.
  • It is one of the best Membership WordPress plugins that can assign forum administrators to review on forums and message boards.

15. MemberMouse

membermouse wordpress plugin

MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin that caters to those of us who are not so tech-savvy. It allows you to create membership levels and bundles so that existing members can easily purchase one-time items.

You can also create trial offers and coupons, and integrate MemberMouse with the best payment gateways and email marketing providers to maximize your results.

As for the price, the cheapest plan is $19.95 per month, with upgrades based on the number of members your plan has. For example, the price is US$99 per month and can support up to 50,000 members.

Features of MemberMouse

  • In terms of functions, the “member mouse” is a behemoth. The kit contains options for all types of member companies.
  • The members area has a lot of control over your users, reduces customer support calls, and allows them to manage the community.
  • Give your users bits and pieces of content. Upsells and cross-sells are possible.
  • You can lock any content you want on the website. This includes a tool to automatically lock out piracy if someone tries to steal your content.
  • The checkout page is customizable, perfect for showing your brand and getting people to check out quickly.
  • Change the price structure at any time and have the required membership level.
  • Some pricing plans provide advanced elements such as a complete report suite, lifetime value report, and social media login module.
  • All developers can use this API to extend the functionality of Member Mouse. This is essential if you are trying to integrate with other organizational tools.
  • The plug-in contains smart tags to improve your user management. This way, a quick search or filter can show the results you want instead of scrolling through a long list of users or groups.

16. Restrict User Access

restrict user access membership plugin

If you only want to restrict some or all of the content, the “Restrict User Access” plugin can solve the problem without any unnecessary features. The purpose of the plugin is to restrict blog posts and pages to only show them to members.

These members are classified according to user roles in WordPress. You can sell membership levels directly through your website and name them based on user level and price.

Restricting user access to plugins is completely free, but you can choose to purchase other plugins from the same developer. Some of them may come in handy for membership sites.

We like the Content Aware sidebar and industry used to create themed templates. Individual plans start at $49 per year and are suitable for one site and unlimited widget areas. However, most member sites can use the free “restrict user access” plug-in for operation.

Features of Restrict User Access

  • The entire plugin is free, and there is no upgrade option to get other features.
  • You can activate an unlimited number of access levels based on your current WordPress user level or the level at which you make up the membership.
  • Make the membership validity period expire at some future time.
  • Send the drip irrigation content you compiled once and send it to the future automatically.
  • All unauthorized users will be sent to a specific page on your website. This is very convenient for providing a landing page that explains the benefits of a premium account and information about the value obtained.
  • You can display trailer content for non-member users. Custom messages can also enable them to further persuade and call for action.
  • You will get shortcodes to make content restrictions more flexible.
  • Restrict your membership content based on many conditions (such as posts, pages, content written by specific authors, page templates, blog pages, user profiles, etc.).
  • The plugin is integrated with some excellent tools to improve your membership website. Our favorites include Pods, Polylang, BuddyPress and bbPress.
  • The developer API is open for adding advanced customization and integration with all your organization systems.

17. Memberful WP

memberful wp

Membership WP is an independent membership sales software that can be linked to your WordPress site using plugins. The plug-in itself does not provide the functions needed to sell memberships, but the Memberful WP software has everything needed to configure membership levels, charge fees, and collect taxes.

Member WP offers a free plan to help test how it works and integrate with your WordPress site. Serious businesses will have to upgrade to the $25 per month Pro plan to get the best features. This provides unlimited plans, coupon codes, employee accounts, etc. A plan of $100 per month is required to delete member brands and sell group subscriptions.

It is also worth mentioning that the member WP API is open and can be integrated and extended. The registration form, community forum, and profile are already beautiful, but this opens the door for those who want to further customize the system.

Features of Memberful WP

  • You can use the free plan to test the plugin and see how it interacts with your WordPress website.
  • The membership management and registration modules are some of the best designs you can find.
  • Subscriptions are easy to handle, allow multiple payment gateways, support for subscriptions and refunds at the click of a button.
  • You can block content and protect specific pages and posts based on the user’s login membership level.
  • Membership WP provides a lot of useful videos and tutorials that can be used to launch your first membership site.
  • You can create coupons in a few seconds and offer discounts to new members.
  • Users can purchase gift subscriptions to send to friends or family.
  • You can upload many file types for members to download and use on their computers. For example, you might want to give them e-books or charts for reading.
  • Compared with competing products, analysis technology stands out. You can choose to track all conversions and see how users interact.
  • Sell ​​physical and digital goods to people with or without members. Member WP provides tools to build a complete e-commerce store and membership website.

18. Wishlist Member

wishlist members

WishList Member has many features-you can create unlimited membership levels, protect content with one click, accept payments easily, integrate with email marketing services, and more. In addition, it comes with a lot of documentation, such as tutorials, videos, and guides, to help you make the most of it.

Features of Wishlist Member

  • Protect content and set prices in just a few steps
  • Provides extensive integration with email marketing providers, payment gateways and other productivity tools
  • Easy to drip
  • Developer tools, such as REST API and WP template tags
  • Member statistics at a glance
  • Unlimited membership levels and flexible membership options

19. Simple Membership

simple membership

If you are interested in a quick and easy way to provide free and paid memberships on your website, the simple membership plugin is a high-quality solution. One of the reasons why this plugin appeals to small businesses is that it does not cost a dime and supports multiple languages.

This may not be useful for some people, but it is indeed one of the longest language lists when it comes to membership plug-ins, which provides various opportunities for use in different countries.

“Simple Membership” can achieve an unlimited number of membership levels. It also has a fairly easy-to-use interface for both beginners and advanced users. Configure settings to offer free or paid membership, and link PayPal to your site to start accepting payments. Both Braintree and Stripe are alternative payment gateways. From a one-time payment to a regular subscription, all the basic content is included in the “simple membership”, it is an ideal membership plugin for those who don’t want to have all the unnecessary features or clumsy plugins.

Features of Simple Membership

  • It is free, and there is no price increase all the way.
  • Most of the basic accessories are free, and there are some advanced accessories to choose from. Some add-ons include email service integration, login redirection and membership form generator.
  • The developer API has been opened for setting up filter hooks and operations.
  • A member login widget is provided to place a login form on all site pages.
  • The member payment log can provide you with a written record to check which members have paid and which members may not have paid.
  • You can set an unlimited number of membership levels, and you can list free and paid members on your website.
  • Content protection is done when editing a WordPress post or page. For those whose membership level is incorrect, a login module will be displayed. In short, the simple membership plugin allows you to easily add blockers on certain pages.

20. AccessAlly


AccessAlly is a bit like a combination between a WordPress membership plugin and an LMS plugin. Therefore, if you want to provide online course content to members, although the price is not cheap, this may be your tool.

I know this sounds a bit complicated-and requires some upfront work-but the result is that from day one, you have powerful automation and segmentation built into your membership site, which can help you in a unique way Attract members and increase your conversion rate.

For example, if someone starts the checkout but it’s not over yet, you can automatically send them a reminder email with a special coupon for them. Or, you can automatically send a markup to members after they complete the course or course.

There are other good conversion promotion features, such as one-click upsell and order increase features (think about the marketing channels people have been talking about!), AccessAlly also includes built-in features to create your own membership program.

Features of AccessAlly

  • It is a powerful software and WordPress plugin suitable for the fastest growing companies and well-known brands.
  • The flexibility is unparalleled, with highly customizable settings and tools for developers to integrate with all current organizational systems.
  • As a high-end software, AccessAlly provides first-class customer support to all users.
  • Everyone has access to in-depth online materials, and users receive multiple training calls every month.
  • You can save high prices by paying annually.
  • AccessAlly is a learning management system and a membership plugin built into a slick WordPress plugin.
  • Activate an unlimited number of memberships, courses, files, tags and directories.
  • Member supervisors have filters and search functions for finding user information.
  • Customize each element of the form and add gamification elements to the community by awarding points for certain actions.
  • The membership management program is built into AccessAlly, which can provide leaderboards, custom links and payments.
  • Using PayPal and Stripe and payment processors, the order form is simple and modern.
  • The plugin has impressive promotion and analysis tools, such as quick coupon creation and detailed reports.
  • In addition to a reliable WordPress plugin, AccessAlly also integrates with other tools such as ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, and ActiveCampaign.
  • For some reason, split testing is one of the unique features not included in many other membership WordPress plugins in these lists.

21. WP-Members

wp-members membership plugin

WP-Members is one of the most cost-effective solutions for building a membership website on WordPress. There is no premium version. However, you can flexibly upgrade to the add-ons you really need.

In addition, the $59 USD annual fee plan provides you with the option of advanced customer support. However, no registration is required.

The price of premium accessories varies, but the price of the standard list ranges from $29 to $125. There are several of these plugins to choose from, including “Advanced Options”, “Download Protection” and “Invitation Code”. We like the integration with MailChimp, WooCommerce and PayPal.

The interface for configuring your membership website and managing users is basic and straightforward, similar to the style on WordPress. This does not make it the most beautiful dashboard on the market, but someone familiar with WordPress should be able to.

Features of WP-Members

  • The WP-Members plugin is completely free.
  • You can flexibly expand the functionality of the website. You may have to pay additional fees, but at least they are not sold as a package, and you may never use half of the features in the end.
  • Several API functions are provided to achieve advanced scalability.
  • Over 120 filters and action hooks increase the possibility of customization.
  • The plug-in has a unique feature that can automatically generate summaries for all blog posts.
  • The plugin provides customizable registration and configuration file fields.
  • The login module is provided as a widget, which can be easily added to multiple areas of the website.

22. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the world’s number one conversion toolkit, which allows you to increase the user base of your membership website exponentially without increasing traffic. Brands such as use OptinMonster’s personalization features to increase its community by 30,000 members every month.

With OptinMonster, you can increase your email list, increase your income, in this case, you can add more members to your site.

You can use OptinMonster to create conversion optimization campaigns that work with website content to grow your community. And, because we have multiple campaign types, you can use more than one method.

There is no doubt that OptinMonster has been used and trusted by more than 1,000,000 websites.

Features of OptinMonster

  • Multiple campaign types to attract more members
  • More than 50 pre-made templates that can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • More positioning and triggering options than any other software on the market
  • Provides native integration of more than 30 email services (and can be easily integrated with any email service provider)
  • Detailed analysis reports can help you make better data-based decisions on conversion strategies

23. MagicMembers


Magic Members is a WordPress membership plugin, I have played many times on the test site. Therefore, I have to solve one thing first. Then I will discuss all the good things!

What’s so bad about that? The interface looks a lot like it was shipped from here in the 1990s. However, if you can work on the ugly interface, the rest of the features will be very cool.

First, you can create unlimited membership levels with different trial options and prices. You can manage all members from a useful dashboard.

As for restricting content, you can choose to restrict entire categories, individual posts/pages, or use shortcodes to restrict only specific parts of the content. Moreover, if you want to publish content according to the drip irrigation schedule, it is also easy to do.

Another wonderful thing about Magic membership is that it has a “pay per post” function. Therefore, you can not only sell memberships, but also personal posts/pages. You can choose how many views are included in the price. So, if you want, you can even charge for individual content per view!

Features of MagicMembers

  • Download manager. With it, you can prevent unauthorized users from downloading files on your site. Magic members also have the function of preventing multiple people from logging into the same account.
  • In terms of integration, you will find most of the services you need. Magic Members integrates with a large number of payment gateways and has a similar robust email marketing service integration list.
  • Magic membership offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try it on your own website without spending any money.

24. YITH WooCommerce Membership

yith woocommerce membership

Finding the right membership plug-in usually depends on which plug-in option provides the appropriate amount of e-commerce support. If you currently have a WooCommerce website, or you plan to build a website, it is not a bad idea to check out Membership WordPress plugins that are used directly on that website.

The YITH WooCommerce membership plugin is an example of such a solution, you can still have a full online store, but there is the additional benefit of selling membership through or next to the store.

The single site license for the YITH plug-in is priced at $99.99, and the six sites are priced at $399.99. Technically, this is a one-time payment unless you want to pay for ongoing support and updates every year.

From e-book series to online courses, anything is fine. YITH provides a set of fairly simple and reliable functions to configure your membership, and there is no limit to the number of levels you can add. In addition, the plug-ins customer support is responsive and provided through the use of a ticketing system and online knowledge base.

Features of YITH WooCommerce Membership Plugin

  • The pricing is reasonable, especially if you don’t plan to pay for support annually.
  • YITH WooCommerce membership allows you to create an unlimited number of members.
  • The plugin is built for WooCommerce and allows you to utilize this infrastructure for membership sales. Other products can also be sold on the same website.
  • Click the button to restrict content access. You can set an expiration date and ensure that certain user types can access while other user types are blocked.
  • You can link multiple membership types to a customer. In this way, the user can access more content.
  • File protection works in the same way as content restriction. This setting ensures that files you upload (such as photos and e-books) will not be pulled from your website without permission.
  • With WooCommerce Connect, you can set membership based on WooCommerce elements such as post product categories and tags.
  • The plugin comes with a quick contact widget for users to send you instant messages from the sidebar.
  • Email templates are provided. You can fully control the customization of these emails and when they are sent.
  • Customer support enjoys a good reputation and YITH almost exclusively produces WooCommerce plugins. Therefore, they should know that they are things.

25. Institute Management Pro

institute management pro

When developing online courses, please use various tools and web design to help yourself to complete the project quickly. Such a convenience facility is Institute Management Pro. This WordPress membership plugin is perfect for any content related to providing knowledge online. If you want to manage and maintain courses and make the most of your potential, then Institute Management Pro is probably one of the most suitable solutions for you. There is no need to be proficient in technology, after all, Instant Management Pro is very novice friendly.

With Institute Management Pro, you can manage everything, courses, teachers, students, new registrations, inquiries, payments and more. It also includes a comfortable admin and student dashboard, multiple payment gateways, notification and receipt generators. To see what can be done with Institute Management Pro, it is best to browse its real-time preview page first, and then lower your jaw.

Conclusion – Best Membership WordPress Plugins

With high-quality free and advanced options, anyone can start providing restricted access to their members and subscribers on their website. Whether you want to build a private community or an advanced online course, you should be able to use one of these plugins to build your website in a short amount of time.

Although the above plugins are only a small part of the many membership tools of WordPress, they are sufficient to meet the needs of most users. Unfortunately, none of the size fits all the best Membership WordPress plugins. Although the above are comprehensive products, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, not to mention the price tag.

Before making a choice, it’s best to figure out how you plan to manage the member area and what features you need, such as content dripping, course delivery, repeat payments, ease of use, custom landing pages, or pay-per-views. Once you know your requirements, you can easily make a decision.

I hope this article can help you find a Membership WordPress plugins for your website. If you want to start the Membership Website for your business, I recommend you to choose the Ready Made Website by Delegate Studio. Ready Made Website reduces your stress of managing and setting up the website with Hosting and Domain. In Delegate Studio, you will be get Cloud Managed Hosting, a Top-Level Domain like .com, .net, etc., SSL, On-Page SEO, setup the Website with in 24 hours, 24*7 Customer Technical Support. Now what are you thinking? Go and choose the website to start and get your business online within a day.

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