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9 Best User Generated Content WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for a plugin to enable user-generated content on your WordPress website? Just chill, you came to the right place. In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress plugins for user-generated content sites. Using such plugins allows your visitors and followers to submit content to your website directly from its front end. This can be in the form of written articles, pictures, videos, audio files, digital pictures, etc.

Are you looking for a plugin to enable user-generated content on your WordPress website? Just chill, you came to the right place. In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress plugins for user-generated content sites. Using such plugins allows your visitors and followers to submit content to your website directly from its front end. This can be in the form of written articles, pictures, videos, audio files, digital pictures, etc.

User-generated content can be a great way of marketing your business because this content mostly comes from your customers and they are not usually paid to do so. You can encourage content presentations by your users as a part of your promotional campaigns, guest post submissions etc.

User-generated content can be very effective in keeping your site active with fresh content, and we all know the importance of fresh content from SEO as well as the user’s point of view. Content is important in building a proper online presence. In fact, when it comes to marketing via the Internet, “content is king,” a popular slogan. You can use any of these plugins to contribute great content to your site. But What is User-Generated Content, here we will discuss just that.

What is User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any digital content that is created and shared by end users of an online service or website. This includes any content that is shared or created by users who are members or customers of the service. User-generated content (UGC)  includes comments, testimonials, guest blog posts, user reviews or any other user-submitted content that is publicly visible and was a direct result of user action. User-generated content is also stand for consumer-generated media (CGM) or conversational media.

There are several reasons why companies use content marketing to power their lead generation efforts.

  • While a business’s services or products are ultimately what they need from a customer, offering a high-quality content increases the value of that company’s solution.
  • Content marketing helps businesses establish themselves as thought leaders and stay on top with their audiences.
  • In a recent Demand General report, 47% of survey respondents said they read three to five pieces of content before reaching a company to take the next step.
  • Content gives businesses something to share on other marketing distribution channels (such as email and social media).
  • Web content that mixes images with text can perform up to 650% better than plain text pages in terms of engagement.
  • A survey by Google / Ipsos found that nearly half of all online consumers watch product or service videos before purchasing in person.

While these facts begin as content marketing progresses, there are some who struggle to create content for their WordPress site. Currently, about 22% of companies use any user-generated content on their websites. However, the comments and visual contributions your users share online can be just as powerful for marketing your business, as are the thoughtful articles and lengthy content you create.

A list of Best User Generated Content WordPress Plugins

  1. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro
  2. WP User Frontend Pro
  3. User Submitted Posts Pro
  4. Frontend Publishing
  5. Frontend Uploader
  6. NextGen Gallery
  7. Cred
  8. BuddyForms
  9. Communities

Whether your WordPress site already hosts user-generated content or you just want to start doing so, there are many free and premium WordPress plugins that can help. let’s take a look

1. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro


With AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro installed on your WordPress website, you have the option to give your users the same experience as a WordPress visual editor. The plugin fills to the limit with a list of functions and features. You can allow your users to use the full range of options available in the WordPress visual editor or limit them to just a few functionalities, whatever you see fit.

Some major features offered by the plugin include a responsive form design, flexibility in post submission type, unlimited customizable fields. And also offer image and rich media integration, tooltip guides for users, the ability to set post-form submission redirects, on character limits Controls are included. List of form templates as well. Feature-wise, the plugin has it all, and is also straightforward to use.

2. WP User Frontend Pro

wp user frontend pro user generated content wordpress plugin

WP User Frontend Pro is an amazing plugin for accepting any type of user-generated content. With WP User Frontend Pro, you can create beautiful directories and membership sites, event registration forms, accept guest articles, and more. Users are even allowed to upload products from the front-end. This plugin is best suited for membership sites that want to publish stunning content areas for logged in users.

The plugin even gives you different dashboards to your users, which can be accessed from the front-end itself. With its awesome custom field support, you can create any type of form you want. All forms have a specific shortcode that you can paste on any page and the form will be generated without breaking the style of your theme. Unlimited fields can be added using PRO. Easily fill your forms using drag-and-drops and real-time previews that update according to the changes you make. You can see what your form will eventually look like from the dashboard!

3. User Submitted Posts Pro

user submitted posts user generated content wordpress plugin

Another powerful WordPress plugin for user-generated content – User Submission Posts. It also allows you to create unlimited custom forms from which website visitors can register content, upload media, etc. It has many good features like clean HTML markup, inline docs, automatic plugin updates and more.

A User Submitted Post (USP) adds a frontend form via template tag or shortcode that enables your visitors to submit posts and upload pictures. Everything is super easy to customize via the plugin settings page.

The USP enables users to upload any number of pictures when submitting a post. You can customize the minimum / maximum-width, height, and multiple rendered images. The USP also includes a login / registration form, and three shortcodes to control and restrict content.

4. Frontend Publishing

frontend publishing user generated content wordpress plugin

Frontend Publishing Plugin comes with a free as well as a Pro version. The free version is well illustrated and will suffice for most of your needs, and if you want even more, you can go ahead and upgrade. This is, in fact, the best if you want to experiment with user-created content on your site and see how it can benefit your brand.

The free model gives you features for moderating content. For example, you will find options for banning word count, tags, links, bios and more. You can also set user specified publishing rules and short-embed for form placement. All these features can be very useful for controlling and managing the content coming into your website.

And if you upgrade you will get a responsive form design, cross theme compatibility, a drag and drop builder, unlimited form creation, post publishing management, PayPal integration, Copyscape integration, captcha security and a whole lot more. Now the price for the Pro version is a bit on the expensive side, but the level of control you are gaining can be considered a worthy investment.

5. Frontend Uploader

frontend uploader

Frontend Uploader plugin is a simple way to present content to your site to users. The plugin uses a set of shortcodes to facilitate creating highly customizable forms on your posts and pages. Once the content is submitted, it is held for moderation until you assent it. it’s that easy!

It is a flexible and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your forms by adding different types of fields and elements. Submission form can be created as below after adding various form elements like text fields, radio, checkbox etc.

6. NextGen Gallery

nextgen wordpress gallery plugin

NextGen Gallery is another amazing plugin that helps you to accept user-generated content on your website. With this plugin, your users can present media galleries from the front-end. It provides beautiful galleries to display your images in various fancy styles. NextGEN Gallery allows you to implement multiple scroll galleries using a shortcode anywhere in your site or blog.

NextGEN provides a complete WordPress gallery management system with the ability to upload photos, import metadata, add / delete / rearrange / sort photos on the back end. And it also has the ability to edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums. The free version of NextGen offers three main gallery styles (slide show, thumbnail and image browser gallery) and two album styles (compact and expanded) at the front end, .

You can have lots of premium extensions to enhance your tasks. Some extensions you can enable with premium extensions are image proofing, integrate social share buttons, a full-screen Pro lightbox, enable digital download, and more. Due to its responsive design, your images look amazing on devices.

7. myCred – Badges & Loyalty Plugin

mycred badges and loyalty plugin

In the case of generating content from users, it is advised that you take some precautions. In this regard CRED is one of the best WordPress plugins for the purpose. The plugin is primarily designed for gated content presentations. It is loaded with features such as input verification checker, spam protection, payment integration and the ability to include user or member role assignments.

The plugin will help you provide your profile images and other profile-based settings to your users. There is also an option to implement expiration time for submitted content and an inbuilt email notification system for admins. Overall the plugin is perfect if you are looking for user submitted product listings, directories, subscriptions or even classified sites.

8. BuddyForms

buddy forms by themekraft

Some notable features of the BuddyForms plugin include advanced form elements, post type customization, front-end revision control, user role management, and more. You can also use the plugin inbuilt feature to integrate eCommerce into your site. It also has features like admin email notifications and an easy form wizard guide that makes things easy to use.

Now use a feature-loaded plugin that arrives at a value, or in this case with a price tier. There are plans each with different price tags. This gives you the freedom to choose the facility that you really need and pay only what you need. If you want to get the most out of your front-end submission, you can start with the Go Pro option.

9. Ultra Community

ultra community

With the Ultra Community set up on your WordPress website, you will be able to easily… create communities. And now it should come naturally to you that being a community is an easy way to get user-generated content. After installing the plugin on your WordPress website, you can allow your users to become members of your on-site community and then start commenting and contributing as members of the community.

The plugin allows features such as commenting, idea sharing, message boards, wikis and more. It is very user friendly and allows to control everything directly from the front end interface. If you activate the option, they can also create their own community and they can also edit or submit the wiki. There are also plenty of message board moderation tools and secure community management that make it easy for you and not just your users.

Conclusion – Best User Generated Content

These are some plugins that can help you create user-generated content campaigns on your website. User-generated content is a great way to increase the authenticity and credibility of your website. This is especially important for millennials; 65% of people consider UGC to be more honest than information directly from brands.

So if you decide to give these plugins a chance. Please tell us how you liked. Also, if you already use a plugin that is unfortunately out of this list, mention them in the comments section. You will help a fellow reader in this process.

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