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16 Best Web Analytics Tools for Websites in 2020 (Free & Paid)

In this article, we are looking for the top 16 best website analytics tools for your business to tracking and gather important data in order to understand the audience needs.

Data. Number. Analytics – tracking it all can be a tedious, heavy process. But thanks to web analytics tools, number-crunching, and understanding of data has become much simpler!

What used to be the exclusive sidekick of data scientists has now become the friend of every digital marketer. Web analytics is about finding out what works and what doesn’t. It helps to find actionable strategy and aids in making informed decisions when planning the next step.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics software is an essential tool in your web analytics strategy. It track website user activity. Tracking activity gives organizations the ability to optimize their content.

It collects data from your website and organizes it so that you can check on your key performance indicators, learn more about your audience and improve your website.

Web Analytics Software performs several major functions:

Collection: One of the most important roles of web analytics software is the actual aggregation of information. In most cases, this means installing a tag on your site that collects user information from visitors.

Management: It is not enough to just collect data. It too has to live somewhere. Web analytics software keeps your data secure so that it can be accessed and sorted at any time.

Analysis: Static data that cannot be truncated and dissected is of no use to anyone. Web analytics software gives you the tools to extract the information you are looking for after collecting it.

Web Analytics Features & Capabilities

  • Individual-level tracking
  • Real-time analysis
  • A / b test
  • Mobile analytics
  • Attribution modeling
  • On-the-fly segmentation
  • The event, Goal Conversion, and eCommerce tracking
  • Funnel and Cohort analysis
  • Cross-device tracking
  • In-page analytics
  • Privacy compliance
  • On-premise option
  • Benchmarking

A list of Most Popular Web Analytics Tools for 2020

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Chartbeat
  3. Clicky
  4. Mint
  5. Woopra
  6. Open Web Analytics
  7. GoSquared
  8. StatCounter
  9. Mixpanel
  10. ClickTale
  11. Gauges
  12. eTracker
  13. KISSmetrics
  14. Inspectlet
  15. GoingUp
  16. FoxMetrics

There are heaps of help you understand your website traffic, page views, clicks, keywords that attract traffic, and more. You can use these valuable insights to optimize your site for a better user experience and more conversions.

Let’s take a look at the best web analytics tools that can help you optimize your website.

1. Google Analytics – Best Web Analytics Tool

best website analytics tools

By far the most popular free web analytics tool, Google Analytics is used on more than half of the top ten million websites. Google Analytics provides so much information that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Not only does Google Analytics gives you detailed information about where you are getting your traffic, but it also simplifies the process of improving your landing page and website overall.

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is free for all advertisers, publishers and site owners. Its extensive capabilities for tracking sources and on-site behavior make it attractive. You can also see which content and website elements are performing well and which are not. Once you get this in-depth data, you can use it to optimize your marketing strategies for better results.

Pricing: free

2. Chartbeat

best web analytics tools 2020

Chartbeat is a web analytics tool that allows you to capture and capitalize your audience’s attention. It works on the principle that your audience’s attention is more than their clicks. So, when you are capturing the best content and capturing the attention of your audience, using Chartbeat you will know immediately.

It comes with an audience building tool that helps you track the actual behavior of your audience. It provides real-time analytics with great audience insights. Identify your top content and traffic sources; Filter your audience by location, referral source, device, or visit frequency; Highlight the pages with the highest new and return traffic; And test headlines and benchmark performance.

“Monitoring individual visitor events by website visitors rather than page visitors gives a complete look at what works and what doesn’t…… see where traffic comes from, what visitors are doing, when they do it And how far they scroll the page.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on site traffic and packages start at $7,000 annually.

3. Clicky

best free website analytics

Clicky is a “real-time” web, analytics tool. With Clicky, you can monitor, analyze and react to your website traffic in real-time. It provides you with live statistics about your website traffic and so you can learn how visitors interact with your website in real-time which enables you to respond to new media mentions, ad campaigns and more. Everything in Clicky is “real-time”.

Best Web Analytics Tool: Around 1.1 million websites use this amazing tool to get real-time data about their visitor traffic. It provides an action metric that measures all visitor actions such as video views and downloads by the user.

In addition, Clicky provides you with detailed reports on every segment of visitors and hence you get to know what is working for your website and what is not. Clicky allows you to analyze each visitor individually and at the same time, you can see their complete history. Even it comes with extensive heat map data which is again real-time. It provides uptime monitoring as well as on-site analysis and is completely easy to use. The tool also monitors your site’s uptime from seven different locations in the world.

Pricing: Clicky performs real-time website analytics and offers both free and paid plans. You can start with its Pro plan for just US $ 9.99 per month.

4. Mint

best web analytics software

Mint is a self-hosted web analytics tool, comparable with Google Analytics in terms of collecting that type of data. It tracks all basic statistics such as referrals, searches, popular pages, and traffic trends. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and searches can all be taken at a glance on Mint’s flexible dashboard.

Mint provides real-time website statistics that are not available with Google Analytics. This tracking site makes it easy for visitors. You get to know where your site visitors are coming from and which pages they are surfing. It provides extensive visitor history. Site activity can be tracked as total page views and unique visitors for a day, week, month, and year. It also provides many other attractive features.

The mint also includes a one-page section, where the most popular and recently viewed content is listed. You’ll also get a bird feed feature, which tracks subscriptions, trends and click-through rates for each item. User-Agent 007, another innovative mint feature, adds the user’s browser type and their Flash version to your matrix.

Pricing: It comes as a paid web analytics tool and costs $ 30 per website.

5. Woopra

most popular web analytics tools

Woopra also integrates with more than 50 platforms such as MailChimp, Slack, and MySQL. Having the ability to get a proverbial 90K foot view on what your customers are doing is essential to providing an excellent customer experience. You can use its inbuilt automation to trigger custom-time actions when a customer interacts with you. This can help you build a strong customer relationship.

It is, of course, a web analytics tool that provides real-time reports with a focus on customer engagement. You’ll be able to monitor multiple websites simultaneously, and the interface is designed to allow you to easily distinguish between them as well. It is completely online-based, meaning you can run Woopra in the background through a pinned tab on your browser and drop it as many times as you want. At any time, you can choose to see what each visitor to your site is doing by clicking on the number of users displayed.

Blog posts and comments can be included in the analysis report, and searches can also be added to the mix. Woopra’s dashboard is incredibly well thought out, with maximum usability in mind. This is also true for their WordPress plugin. Another exciting feature that we are only available with GoSquared is the live chat feature, which allows you to interact with your users while interacting with your site.

Pricing: Pricing is free up to $ 999 / month. An enterprise plan is also available.

6. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics

Open web analytics, an open-source tool, was developed by Peter Adams. Written in PHP, it uses a MySQL database, making it compatible for use on the AMP solution stack on various web servers. It is self-hosted, and for WordPress users, a plug-in is available. This tool can be used to track more than one website.

Open web analytics is a free downloadable application for website traffic analysis. It can track multiple websites and is loaded with many features which makes it a formidable website analytics tool. You get complete control over the data analysis of your website as the data is not shared with any third party. It is very similar to Google Analytics. However, this is an inclination for tech-savvy users.

You can analyze your visitors’ mouse trails and heatmaps to see where they spend their time on your site. OWA tells you about the number of unique visitors, their session duration, bounce rate. It also allows you to integrate goals. However, you cannot monitor all your websites’ data in one place, which prevents some marketers from using it.

Pricing: Free

7. GoSquared

GoSquared web analytics tool

GoSquared is a powerful and feature-rich website visitor analytics tool that measures visitor engagement. It provides actionable metrics that are very essential for e-commerce websites. GoSquared delivers real-time reporting systems, and GoSquared allows you to continuously measure your marketing efforts with daily email reports. These reports include key metrics such as traffic volume, bounce rate, traffic spikes, and downtime.

With its powerful tools, GoSquared tells you how long a visitor has been to your website. It provides a very user-friendly interface and provides real-time analysis. It also comes with integrated chat support.

When someone visits your website for the first time, a “ping” is sent to GoSquared. That ping is repeated over and over until that person leaves your website. It works silently in the background and does not disrupt the user experience. By measuring the time spent on the site in this way, you can actually get a more accurate picture of how long you can stay on your website.

Pricing: Start from free and grow your business suite of integrated products from $79/mo.

8. StatCounter

statcounter web analytics tool

StatCounter is a reliable and powerful web tracker that is customization based on your data requirements. This is different from other applications that offer server-side statistics, in which you need to properly integrate a particular code into your website to gather information about your visitor. Over 2 million websites are using it to gain useful insights, which can help them to attract more traffic and improve their user experience.

You will certainly enjoy real-time reports, all other tools, which we list, and analysis reports are presented at two levels. First, simple gross statistics about your visitors. Second, a highly detailed report that includes Geolocation, the number of pages they browse on your site, which page was their entry point and which is their departure point, as well as which referrer gave them the first time on your site was sent.

If the visitor accesses your site from SERP, StatCounter will give you information about search queries and keywords used as well, like other website analytics tools mentioned in our list. And if you make a habit of visiting your site from time to time, you can also place a blocked cookie on your browser, which will not allow the StatCounter to include your visits in your analysis.

Pricing: This service is provided free and paid both.

Plans Monthly Pricing($/Month) Annual Pricing($/Year) Log Space Available
Free $0 $0 500
Paid $50 to 399 $599 to $4,299 3 million to 100 million
$9 to $49 $89 to $499 100,000 to 2 million

9. Mixpanel

mixpanel web analytics tool

Mixpanel is another very powerful real-time analytics tool that measures user engagement. The segmentation function is also a familiar feature, providing an easily indexed and navigated analytics report for your website’s data. Where Mixpanel stands out to some extent in this regard, it has a special focus on mobile metrics.

This inclusion was incredibly well employed, as mobile web surfing has become increasingly popular and even rewriting the way SEO performs. Almost everyone with an Internet connection has a smartphone or tablet, and these devices provide a more convenient means of browsing, especially when you are on the go. Mobile devices interact differently with laptops and desktop computers with browsers, and voice search has revolutionized the way search engines interact, especially with users and websites. In fact, Google is also training its AI specifically for voice search queries, and it significantly impacts SEO more than any other factor of mobile browsing.

Therefore, Mixpanel gives you an opportunity to understand how well your site is performing on this front. Due to the wide matrix, web analytics tools allow you to see where your weak points are, as well as your strong ones. This allows you to integrate proven methods that serve to strengthen more vulnerable pages and better future ones on your site. Mobile browsing and voice search are no longer the future; they are becoming increasingly present. Mixpanel is one of the few currently available tools that are pre-designed to help you keep ahead of the game.

Pricing: MixPanel has a free plan for up to 1000 monthly tracked users. A paid plan started from $779/yr for 1000 up to 25000 monthly tracked users.

10. ClickTale

clicktale web analytics tool

ClickTale is an awesome tool that lets you know how your customers or visitors are interacting with your site. By using ClickTale, you can interact with your site exactly what it is. ClickTale allows you to see what your visitors did on your site. This helps you visualize their interactions with your on-page content.

With ClickTale, you can make sure which parts of your site attract attention and which parts are completely ignored. ClickTale helps you tap into the behavior of your visitors so that you can provide amazing digital experiences to your customers.

With their unique behavioral data, clear visuals and top-class customer experience expertise, you get solid answers to many of your key questions to maximize success on every digital channel.

ClickTale applies cognitive computing, data science, psychological research, and combines best-in-class visualizations to determine, prioritize, and innovate best experiences.

Pricing: Basic plans start at $ 99 / month for 20,000 page views recorded every month.

11. Gauges


Gauges is a JavaScript-based real-time web analytics tool that varies in pricing based on multiple page views. It collects and analyzes web traffic in real-time. Gauges provide a user-friendly and intuitive UI that makes it easy to monitor multiple sites at once and get the necessary information.

Although JavaScript is beginning to be considered somewhat outdated, most of the Internet still uses a coding language – including Google. This is why the Gauges website analytics tool has been developed using JavaScript. The user interface is easy to navigate with an intuitive layout and classification. The dashboard allows you to see all the analytics data at once with a clear statistics overview, which is not much more complicated.

In addition, Gauges focuses on the most dynamic website traffic metrics. You know how many visitors come to your website, where they come from, and where they go. You get simple and clean statistics of all websites in one dashboard. It tracks real-time visits and activities. All this information is important and can help you adjust your marketing and content strategies as well as make a better plan for future posts. Actionable data is readily available in real-time.

Pricing: Gauges offers a free trial period, after which you can opt for one of three great packages.

  • Solo – $6/month for 100,000 PageViews / Mo.
  • Small – $12/month for 250,000 PageViews / Mo.
  • Plus – $49/month for 1,000,000 PageViews / Mo.

12. eTracker


eTracker is a complete tool that provides real-time statistics combining qualitative and quantitative analysis so that you can get all the information you need to evaluate your site’s traffic. It can easily measure your search marketing campaigns and track ROI. Collect feedback from your visitors to help improve eTracker website usability. It gives you a socio-demographic analysis of your visitors.

eTracker can record and report suspicious activities such as click fraud. It provides real-time statistics and is loaded with campaign tracking features. Its heat map feature shows you the weak spots as well as popular sections of your website. eTracker can automatically integrate with Google AdWords for reporting campaign progress and effectiveness. It can track mouse movements to analyze visitor engagement. eTracker also allows you to survey target groups.

This tool is available in various languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, and German. It provides you with real-time website visitor statistics. And it can be used as a plugin with ePages, WordPress, and Drupal sites. With Etracker, you get fast and easy access to get more information about your visitors’ journey. You can see which areas they use the most and where they scroll through the integrated heatmap.


  • €19 monthly ** (including 100,000 touchpoints / month) .
  • €49 monthly ** (including 100,000 touchpoints / month)

13. KISSmetrics


KISSmetrics is another very powerful website tracker tool that helps you do a detailed analysis of your website traffic and thus optimize your online marketing efforts. The secret behind KISSmetrics’ confirmation of their claim lies in the type of data the tool provides. While most competitors track customer behavior on your site, and some will tell you how they got there, KISSmetrics goes the extra mile by showing you how users leave your site and how they behave immediately.

In this way, developers have tried to take the role of web analytics tools beyond basic visitor statistics. They have also been successful in taking it a step ahead of many other advanced analytics report systems. KISSmetrics also provides a full-time report, which is automatically updated in real-time to keep track of your growing trends. The funnel feature zone is at weak points on your site that can lead you to lose conversions, and you can choose to split different test layouts and funnels to maximize output. All of this helps you make informed decisions in changing and optimizing your landing pages to maximize your profit.

Setting up KISSmetrics is also simple, as application programming interface (API) integration can easily connect with your website or even your custom application. The impressive revenue tracking function gives you an accurate breakdown of your earnings and contributes to reporting how your customers are behaving online immediately after making a purchase on your site.

Pricing: Starts from $500.00 per month

14. Inspectlet


Inspectlet is an analytics tool that focuses more on usability testing. It has four important features, which are: eye-tracking heat-map, screen capture, customization metrics, and real-time analytics. This goes beyond providing the original visitor matrix.

The inspector is not aimed at beginners. Let’s start with this because although the web analytics tool is specifically aimed at usability if you haven’t worked with analytics before then it can be quite difficult to use on its own. The reason is that it still makes a list of amazing analytics tools that rival Google Analytics because that’s exactly what it is. Despite being somewhat complicated, Inspectlet will give you a lot more than Google Analytics once you get the hang of it.

On the other hand, the latter tells you how those visitors are interacting with the elements on your page that show you where they click. A third heat map is also available, which monitors and reports how far your pages are scrolling visitors. Combined, these three tasks tell you what is happening on your site all the time. You will be able to identify your high points as well as your weak points.

Pricing: Free, plus four tiers from $ 39 to $ 299 per month, with enterprise pricing by the bid.

15. GoingUp


If you are looking for a web analytics tool that includes some basic SEO tools for your site, look no further than GoingUp. While it doesn’t have all the features you might need for a truly comprehensive analysis, and inbound marketing features are not as robust as other tools, GoingUp is a very viable option for anyone looking to complement another web analytics tool is.

It allows its users to track your visitors and sales, as well as your conversion rates. At the same time, the tool will also provide you with a search strategy to implement. You can set tasks and targets for GoingUp to monitor. All of your traffic trends will be thoroughly analyzed, and the output report includes a heatmap so you can better understand how users are interacting with the elements on your pages. The analysis of traffic coming from the SERPs include the keywords used to generate that SERP, giving you a better understanding of which keywords are the best.

GoingUp provides website analytics as well as SEO tools for your site. This allows you to track visitors, sales, and conversion rates while offering search strategies. There is also a page optimization tool, to improve your heat map results. It also helps you track and improve Google PageRank and Alexa rank. Integration with many SEO features is one that puts GoingUp ahead of the game compared to other website analytics tools.

Pricing: Free

16. FoxMetrics


Best web analytics tool: Foxmetrics is more than a analytics tool. Apart from providing you with valuable visitor data, it also allows you to analyze the data, personalize the user experience and target them for better conversions.

This web analysis tool will allow you to specifically use the metrics that your business requires. It offers four key features: Funnels that help you identify the points at which users leave an action (such as a purchase) and so that you can “fix them” for maximum benefit; Profiles that automatically create user-profiles and create customer life cycles, segments that help differentiate website traffic into categories and triggers that are actions based on which you can respond.

It provides a stack of personalization and conversion tools. You can create unique segments of your visitors based on your behavior. This makes it easier to target you effectively with personalized messages. Personalization further helps to increase the overall impact of your campaigns.

Pricing: $ 450 monthly billed, with enterprise pricing by the bid.

Final Thoughts

You should consider using these web analytics tools to get more granular information on your website performance, customer happiness, and improvement opportunities. These insights can then help you make smart decisions in optimizing your site and marketing strategies for better results.

We hope the above list will provide you with some new ideas for those tools using which you can see what is happening on your website. With the right combination of web analytics tools, you can see more about the impact of your marketing efforts, improve your strategy, and gather more leads to pass on to our favorite — your sales team!

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