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7 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins for Your Website in 2021

Do you need to present the images in the most stylish way on your WordPress website? If so, then the Wordpress Lightbox plugin is the appropriate tool to suit your needs.Media management in WordPress is a popular trend because the pictures and video play an important role in making the website attractive. With the sole purpose of making your media content beautiful on all devices. WordPress Lightbox plugins are undoubtedly a profound choice for users, with lots of images on WordPress sites.

Do you need to present the images in the most stylish way on your WordPress website? If so, then the WordPress Lightbox plugin is the appropriate tool to suit your needs. Media management in WordPress is a popular trend because the pictures and video play an important role in making the website attractive. With the sole purpose of making your media content beautiful on all devices. WordPress Lightbox plugins like Easy Fancybox and Responsive Lightbox by dFactory are undoubtedly a profound choice for users, with lots of images on WordPress sites.

WordPress Lightbox Plugins allows users to view images and content in larger versions, which are fully customized for mobile devices. These plugins automatically add lightboxes in image links and video links as well as WP image galleries. The image seen is exposed through a perfect combination of dark and light background.

What is WordPress Lightbox?

A lightbox is an approach that helps your website design with more media interaction. This approach features an image or video on the screen and eliminates the entire web page. When applied, it overlaps the image in such a way that the actual web page is visible around the edges. But the user can focus on the media element (image or video) in hand.

This technique is quite effective and it is used to display images, opt-in forms, newsletters, slides, etc. In simple, it’s like a popup menu or an overlay window that displays your media files at the top of your landing page.

Whenever a picture or video is shown on the screen, it displays the rest of the web page. You can call it a Lightbox feature. Lightboxes can be javascript (jQuery), or CSS3 based scripts that incorporate a beautiful approach to your web design.

If your forum is WordPress, then adding this effect to your website is very easy. Because WordPress Plugin Directory offers over 750 WordPress Lightbox Plugins. This will allow you to add a Lightbox feature to your website. The best plugin to choose will be a daunting task for you. To reduce your burden, we’ve made a collection of the best WordPress Lightbox plugins for your website.

List of best WordPress Lightbox Plugins

  1. Easy Fancybox
  2. Responsive lightbox by dFactory
  3. Simple Lightbox
  4. Foobox Image Lightbox
  5. WP jQuery Lightbox
  6. jQuery Colorbox
  7. Ari Fancy Lightbox2

1. Easy Fancybox

best lightbox plugin for wordpress

An Easy Fancybox plugin for WordPress provides a flexible lightbox solution for most media links on your website. Easy Fancybox packaged uses jQuery extension and WP-3 Plus is multiset compatible. After activation, everything is incredibly simple because all the links to PNGs, JPGs and GIFs will automatically open in the Fancybox MAC / Gnome-style lightbox, which floats on the web page.

The Easy Fancybox is similar to WP wing light (from the minimal WordPress Lightbox plugins category) that it uses a variety of lightboxes. It uses a Fancybox style. Therefore, install it, link your images and photo galleries to their media files when you upload/create them and the lightbox will automatically be attached.

The Easy Fancybox plugin also comes with these features:

  • Support for WordPress galleries
  • WordPress menu item support
  • Automatic identification link for media files
  • Style pickups (such as colors and borders) for lightbox overlays and windows
  • Fade or elastic popup effect
  • Jetpack can support Infinite Scroll

2. Responsive Lightbox by dFactory

responsive lightbox by dFactory

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory WordPress plugin helps you customize large images and galleries to look attractive on different devices. It offers 7 types of lightbox scripts that are Swipebox, Prettyphoto, Fancybox, Nivo lightbox, image lightbox, etc. Further, Responsive Lightbox by dFactory is designed primarily for all sizes of mobile screens. This enables you to see better photos in a new window. This plugin has a huge user base with a 4-star rating.

The Responsive Lightbox by dFactory WordPress plugin also comes with these features:

  • Single image and gallery widget available
  • Supports WooCommerce Gallery for products.
  • Compatible with Visual Composer.
  • Responsive Lightbox by dFactory allows you to customize the script.
  • Automatically add it to the gallery, image link, video link, and widget content.
  • Responsive Lightbox by dFactory offers multi-site support.

3. Simple Lightbox

simple lightbox wordpress plugin

Simple Lightbox plugin of our WordPress Lightbox Plugins is If you are a person who likes things with minimal frills and in a minimal style, the simple Lightbox plugin is perfect for your alley. With this plugin, you can enable Lightbox feature for tons of elements like posts, pages, menus, home pages, categories and tags, widgets and more. You can also create slideshows for your images and control their effects. And manage other elements of slideshows such as its transitions, animations, and speed. If you want to do even more with this plugin, you may have unlimited customization capability with options on Addon that you can add. It’s well-rated with 4-stars on WordPress.

The Simple Lightbox plugin also comes with these features:

  • Responsive and pixel perfect resolution
  • Automatic option to activate the link and resize the lightbox.
  • Customizable lightbox animations
  • Keyboard navigation is available.
  • Play the option of a group link and a slideshow.
  • Group image link by post.
  • Option to display media metadata

4. Foobox Image Lightbox

lightbox plugin for woocommerce website

The FooBox Image plugin is yet another amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to add creative and innovative Lightbox pop-ups to your site. This was the first WordPress plugin to seriously consider a responsive layout. Further, it provides a lightbox with social icons to easily share your images. It is compatible with the most popular WordPress gallery plugins. Like Envira Gallery, Nextgen Gallery, JetPack, etc. It has a good repo with a 4-star rating and a huge user-base.

It also includes JavaScript as well as a stylesheet that gives you easy access. You can enable or disable each setting in your preference, add an innovative aspect to add your users. With a user-friendly aspect, using this plugin is only a piece of cake, even if you are a beginner or novice.

The WP FooBox Image Lightbox plugin also comes with some more very useful features, such as:

  • FooBox Image allows you to add a title to images, videos, iFrames, etc.
  • It provides inbuilt social sharing for each file.
  • It supports YouTube and Vimeo video formats for the lightbox.
  • WooCommerce product images can be displayed in a lightbox.
  • It does not need any configuration at all.
  • Automatically adjusts the size of the screen and is mobile-friendly.
  • The option to include and exclude FooBox features of the website pages is also available.

5. WP jQuery Lightbox

wp jquery lightbox

WP jQuery is a simple option for more complex plugins. With light functionality and minimal script, WP jQuery is designed to be faster and better than many other available options. This plugin comes with files that are ready to be translated. If you want or your site needs to be in a different language then you have easily flexibility with the WP jQuery plugin.

The page includes various options for enabling auto-lightboxes for images, titles, captions, image position in slide show and enabling lightbox on comments. It is also possible to show a download link and image information. The last two ways allow you to choose the speed and animation duration for slideshows. It allows you to use multiple attributes to display captions, adding lightboxes to existing images and galleries. It has a detailed user with a 4-star rating.

The WordPress jQuery Lightbox plugin also comes with some more very useful features, such as:

  • Autoboxing of your image link
  • An Option Panel
  • Make live adjustments for your phone’s browser window and orientation
  • Support for WordPress galleries
  • Swipe gestures to move between images while operating your site on a touch screen device.
  • Keyboard Navigation

6. jQuery Colorbox

wordpress lightbox gallery with thumbnails

jQuery Colorbox plugin has 11 different themes to choose for you and it works right out of the box with WordPress Gallery and NexGen Gallery. This includes Image Grouping, Gallery Grouping, Group Slideshow capabilities. It provides the ability to display configurable CSS classes and externally linked content. However, jQuery Colorbox is compatible with versions up to 3.2.1. It has a 4-star rating.

You can also show a group of pictures in a slideshow or a Colorbox, as a slide show, instead of different entities. Do you want some images on your site to be excluded from the effects of the lightbox or the Colorbox, in which you have to add a special CSS class for the excluded objects?  jQuery Colorbox plugin also comes with loads of different language options to translate the content of your plugin so that people around the world can use your site.

The jQuery Colorbox plugin also comes with some more very useful features, such as:

  • It supports Ajax, inline and iframe content.
  • This is a lightweight plugin with javascript 10KB
  • It has the ability to expand with callback and event-hook without changing source files.
  • It preloads upcoming images in a photo group.
  • JQuery Colorbox has¬†multilingual support.

7. Ari Fancy Lightbox

fancy lightbox

The ARI Fancy Lightbox plugin is also a great option for anyone who wants to show different types of content in the lightbox. This plugin is flexible so that your content can be viewed from desktop to mobile. It uses Fancybox popup to give a Lightbox effect to content on your WordPress site. In addition, you can use it to show justification for image grid and jetpack galleries, PDF documents, videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc., pictures, Google Maps links, inline content and more. Using this plugin is so easy, just install and choose which images you want a lightbox effect. There is no need to adjust any code or do anything else.

The ARI Fancy Lightbox plugin also comes with these features:

  • One-click integration with WooCommerce should you want to add an online shopping aspect or a WooCommerce plugin
  • Integrates with NexGen galleries
  • UI interface for changing lightbox styles
  • Mobile friendly and highly customizable
  • This allows you to disable right-clicking on the images to avoid copying the URL.
  • It supports slide show mode and loop navigation.
  • It provides thumbnail toolbars for fast navigation between lightbox items.

Best Lightbox Plugins – Wrapping it Up!

As we mentioned above, Lightbox popups are a creative and engaging way to attract your user’s attention. Not only use a lightbox to integrate images, but also to add opt-in forms for email lists as well as email lists. An advanced and innovative way to make your site even more advanced. Lightbox now has handled the mainstream way of displaying any media files. And with our list of amazing WordPress Lightbox plugins, we hope you all have made an incredible addition to the lightbox now.

You can use any plugin based on customization options or WordPress version installed, all are supposed to benefit you. If you also want a website that can supplement the Lightbox feature. So you should try your hand at our Ready-Made WordPress website powered by Delegate Studio. You can easily find a stunning website with the latest functionality. Ready-Made Website includes Top-level Domain, Managed Hosting, SSL Certificate, Elementor Pro Website Page Builder, Jet Pack (include 14 Pro Plugins), ON Page SEO Optimization, and 24/7 Support.

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