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10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2020 Compared: Free & Premium

If you are really concerned about the WordPress survey plugin, which is the best for your website, then you are in the right place. A survey or survey form is basically the best way to gather details and get to know your audience better. Surveys also serve as a great engaging factor, with a great marketing method and targeting your audience with content that serves their interests. For WordPress users, creating a survey is made with survey plugins very easy. With the help of a WordPress survey plugin, you can integrate surveys and even analyze data within the plugin.

If you are really concerned about the WordPress survey plugin, which is the best for your website, then you are in the right place. A survey form is basically the best way to gather details and get to know your audience better. Surveys also serve as a great engaging factor, with a great marketing method and targeting your audience with content that serves their interests. For WordPress users, creating a survey is made with survey plugins very easy. With the help of a WordPress survey plugin, you can integrate surveys and even analyze data within the plugin.

So today, we save you from the task of searching for the best WordPress survey plugin and a list of the 10 best survey plugins available: both premium and free. But before delving into plugins, get a brief introduction to what exactly WordPress survey plugins are, and why you need them. So, let’s get it right!

Why do you need the WordPress Survey Plugin?

Before we proceed to the process of adding surveys, why should we add to your WordPress sites? Well for one, surveys provide an easy way to help you understand your users’ likes and interests. This, in turn, helps you bring content to your users that are equally engaging and interesting.

A good survey plugin makes your form look great, and it is easy to use. Reporting is important for surveys. So you need to make sure that you can store user-submitted data with the option to export it, so you can use it in spreadsheet or CRM software.

It is also a proven fact that with added surveys on your site, user engagement and engagement rates increase. Not only this, the details collected by you through the survey can be used for beneficial purposes. For one, you can prioritize and target your audience accordingly. Even promoting and establishing your site is easy when you know your audience better and know exactly what they are looking for.

And with so many benefits and good points, if you have not yet added the survey forms to your site, the question is, why is that? Go ahead and add it to your WordPress site. For the convenience of your users, we have made our top picks for the best WordPress survey plugins! Feel free to check each one of them and choose the one that works best for you.

There are Many Best Free and Premium Survey Plugins For WordPress

1. Everest Forms (Premium) – Best WordPress Survey Plugins

free wordpress survey plugins

Everest forms is one of the best builder plugins available in the market. You can not only create a contact form, but you can also create interesting and fun surveys for your site. Using Everest Form’s easy drag-and-drop feature, you can include the areas you need seamlessly. The free version of this plugin is also available, but you need to get the Pro version to integrate surveys.

With premium survey polls and quiz add-ons, you can add creative and surveys to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. In addition, you can customize your survey form according to your needs. For the outside list, there are three areas: rating, Likert and scale rating, which you can choose. Not to forget, the Admin Reporting feature that displays graphical reports of data collected from your surveys.

Pricing: $89

Notable Features:

  • Checkboxes, radios and dropdowns for survey areas
  • Admin reporting with pie-charts and graphs
  • 3 Survey Areas: Rating, Likert, Scale Rating
  • Easy drag and drop form builder
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Conditional logic for every field

2. eForm Builder (Premium) – Best WordPress Survey Plugins

best wordpress survey plugins 2020

If you are looking for a premium option with more advanced features and more functionality when adding forms, here eForm definitely suits you. eForm Builder is a premium WordPress survey plugin that helps you create amazing feedback, surveys or payment forms. Not only this, you can also create equally entertaining quizzes for your WordPress sites.

Add more appeal as well as an entertaining factor to your site with the plugin. In addition, the payment form also supports WooCommerce, PayPal as well as other popular payment methods to make the process easier.

Pricing:  $39

Notable Features:

  • Online demos are available to try out.
  • Free, fast and reliable customer support.
  • Fully responsive state of the art design.
  • Heavy secure platform.
  • All-in-one form builder.
  • No coding knowledge is required.

3. Ninja Forms (Free & Premium) – Best WordPress Survey Plugins

survey plugin for wordpress

Ninja Form is yet another popular contact form plugin available on the market. The plugin provides several extensions that you can use to create any type of WordPress form, including a survey form.

The core plugin is free to download and use (you can download directly from; However, you must purchase at least two extensions to create a survey form: conditional logic and multi-part forms. Extensions can be purchased individually or with any of their plans.

Using multi-page forms, you can introduce users to the survey on the first page and then show the questions on page two. This makes the survey more interactive.

Pricing: Free +premium version that starts at $29 per year

Notable Features:

  • Ninja Form is flexible and easy to use.
  • This allows you to create complex forms within minutes.
  • Create unlimited forms and add different fields
  • You can also manage and export your form submission
  • Conditional logic provides 40 premium additions such as multi-part forms
  • Ninja Forms integrates your forms with popular email marketing services
  • It also integrates CRM tools including MailChimp, Zoho CRM, Aweber, Constant Contact, Capsule CRM, and Campaign Monitor

4. Modal Survey (Premium) – Best WordPress Survey Plugins

modal survey wordpress plugin

The Modal survey considers those aspects of psychology when you need to dig deeper to understand your audience. Although the title suggests (modal) that it is a popup plugin, you can effectively embed it as a standalone widget. You can place it in your content area of ​​WordPress posts. The poll that model surveys allow you to craft are not your traditional progress bar elections. It turns into a step by step question and answer functions that serve a specific result. In your case, these may be overall results, or you can use those choices to define a personality trait.

The developers integrated it with visual builder support. Anyone who already uses Visual Builder can pull off their designs with some new and interesting surveys and polls. The plugin provides many more features that help you save your time and reach your objective. The choice may be visible to users simultaneously. It is possible to display once for users who are already full or can appear in just about every case. Activate the poll with various user interactions. This includes things like clicking links, scrolling to the bottom of the page, or even scrolling to specific parts. Each questionnaire is closed or you can force users to fill in in lieu of hidden content.

Pricing: $35

Notable Features:

  • Choice to make polls, surveys, quizzes as well as general knowledge.
  • Unlimited style you can create and choose.
  • Visual builder for easy creation.
  • Create a full-width or custom-size form.
  • Flexible and highly customizable.
  • Rating system for displaying stars.
  • Embedding option to create each form.

5. YOP Polls (Free)

yop poll wordpress plugin

YOP Poll helps you create simple WordPress polls and surveys to gather your feedback. You can then add polls to your site using shortcodes for widgets, and run multiple polls on your site simultaneously. The polls you create can be easily cloned or edited, saving you time for other tasks. Likewise, the poll scheduling option helps you schedule your elections one after the other by completing your work in advance.

Looking for a free plugin that serves the purpose of a full-featured plugin? The YOP poll is a terrific choice when it comes to WordPress survey plugin! With this, you can easily integrate  on your blog post or page easily. Additionally, the user-friendly aspect makes it super easy for users to use the plugin to get the results they are looking for. You can also limit votes through the Vote Permission option provided by the plugin.

Pricing: Free

Notable Features:

  • Option to add, create, clone, edit and delete each poll and form.
  • Schedule the election by setting the end and beginning of each form.
  • Multiple polls by viewers support the answer.
  • Easily remove restrictions and unwanted spam, usernames, IP addresses.
  • Responsive and clean design.
  • Resume or reset the election whenever you want.

6. WP-Polls (Free)

wp polls

WP-Polls is a great Free plugin, which is really user-friendly as well as comes with tons of customization options. Whether you want to create a survey from scratch or choose from pre-made templates, you are responsible and in complete control. Not only this, with recent updates, polls also support multiple replies to your user’s preference.

Election results are automatically shown to users after casting a vote. This saves user responses in the log where you can see how registered users voted. For non-registered users, you can view IP addresses to filter out duplicate votes.

With a simple and clean design for surveys, you can customize each section of the plugin. In addition, you can easily add surveys as a widget to widget-friendly areas of your site. What else can you possibly wish for? One of the most user-friendly yet professional WordPress survey plugin, WP-Polls is just one that we would suggest if you are looking for a free plugin for this purpose.

Pricing: Free

Notable Features:

  • Easily and highly customizable.
  • User-friendly interface for easy understanding.
  • Pre-made templates to choose from.
  • Option to add it as a widget.
  • Easy and quick installation and activation.
  • Great support and regular updates.

7. Diker (Premium)

diker online survey wordpress plugin

Want to know the opinions of your users on your site and get feedback? Simple Need Premium WordPress Survey Plugin – Dicker! Improve user experience and increase engagement on your site for your users to understand and what improvements are needed? Target your audience and deliver content accordingly.

With Dicker, create unlimited surveys and get all the details you may need. Stay in touch with your users and see their opinions. With survey design and a fun and easy way to improve your site, this plugin is probably the best option for you!

Pricing: $19

Notable Features:

  • Light plugin.
  • Based on native dashboard-style for easy use.
  • Supports multiple choice of answers.
  • Visually attractive and responsive design.
  • Option to schedule surveys.
  • To avoid captcha spam.
  • Targeted survey.
  • Visual analysis of every survey.

8. GetSiteControl (Free)


GetSiteControl is technically a standalone service, but it provides a dedicated WordPress plugin to make the integration process seamless. The service lets you integrate 9 different “widgets” into your WordPress website. One of those widgets… you guessed it! Survey. If you only want to implement short, attention-grabbing surveys, then GetSiteControl is probably your best option.

Another great option is this free WordPress survey plugin, for an easy way to create polls, survey forms, live chat and more. However, for free, it has many premium-like features making it an ideal engagement tool for your users. It is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy for you to edit and modify elements through a single dashboard.

Additionally, it also enables users to create email lead forms, contact forms, membership forms as well as promotional messages. Create the right platform where your users can interact for hours on end and stay busy!

Pricing: Free

Notable Features:

  • Fully responsive design that accommodates all device screen sizes.
  • Follow the widget and subscribe.
  • Over 25 unique email integrations.
  • Tons of customizing options to choose from.
  • Option to add creative pop-ups to the promotion.
  • Variations with newspapers, floating bars, panels and more.
  • Simple user-friendly dashboard to work with.

9. Quiz and Survey Master

quiz and survey master wordpress plugin

Quiz and Survey Master is a special and designed plugin to add surveys and quizzes to WordPress sites. This plugin was developed specifically for building surveys. Therefore, it has many useful features for forms. It has an effective text customizer that can actually improve the quality of your text.

The base free plugin allows you to create surveys with all common form fields, and you can also create multi-page surveys. You can also use it to add quizzes to WordPress with interactive answers, leaderboards, and scoring. The plugin can also send emails after completing a survey to thank users or redirect them to any page on your WordPress website. For reporting and analysis, you will need to purchase a premium add-on separately.

Pricing: Free

Notable Features:

  • An administrator can set multiple quizzes and survey results on one page.
  • Multiple choice buttons fill the blank, true and false, captcha support.
  • When a user completes a survey or quiz, automatically the administrator and the user will receive an email about it.
  • If users get confused about any question, there is a feature through which they can get hints about that particular question.

10. Opinion Stage (Free)

opinion stage polls and survey wordpress plugin

Opinion Stage is an awesome and all-in-one survey plugin that stands out from the rest. With the plugin, create highly attractive as well as blind surveys, polls, quizzes as well as slideshows and forms! Easily discover your users’ interests and opinions. It is an interactive online designed to maximize the number of participants who completed the survey.

In addition to adding creativity to match your site’s approach, you can also create fun quizzes and slideshows to engage your audience. The built-in customized template will let you maximize participation and generate qualified leads. Definitely one of the best free WordPress survey plugins, try it for yourself today!

Pricing: Free

Notable Features:

  • Beautiful front-end design
  • Multiple question types
  • Take email or social profile
  • Manage surveys on multiple sites from one dashboard
  • Prevent people from taking surveys too many times
  • Include pictures and videos

Wrapping It Up!

Above are some of the best survey WordPress plugins that a person can easily choose. Some of them are free as well as paid. It depends on the crowd how much they can pay for a plugin. This article goes into detail about many plugins and even a non-technical person can choose the best plugin among them.

If you have own WordPress website, then you can use this WordPress plugin. Otherwise, you want to build a WordPress website, without spending money and time, to find a good Website that fits your needs. Then to a ReadyMade website is the best option for you.

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