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11 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2020 for your Website

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Have you experienced any nightmares? Something terrible happens to you and it seems impossible to recover. When the website you worked on for months is still not working, then you feel it. reason; It is no longer there. Perhaps it was hacked, the server crashed or something else caused your site to disappear into thin air. Now the only thing you can expect is that you have a backup of your site. It can happen to anyone, anytime. Be sensible; …

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8 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect your Website in 2020

8 Best WordPress Security Plugins

If you are really concerned about your website security, and thinking, “Do I need a WordPress security plugins?” The answer is yes. WordPress is the most popular content publishing platform and it is being used by millions of websites worldwide. Due to its popularity, hackers are very attentive in hacking sites that use WordPress. It is very safe in itself and once the developers get a vulnerability, they give a push to update it.

Website security is always an essential …

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6 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Boost your WordPress Website Speed – Tested & Compared

WordPress Cache Plugins

Excessive load time can harm your website in more ways than one. Do you want to increase the speed of your WordPress website? Using the WordPress Cache Plugins on your website is one of the best ways to make sure your website loads quickly.

On statistically speaking, almost half of your website viewers expect your site to be loaded in less than 3 seconds. So it’s no surprise that Google continues to insist on the speed of the site in …

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Top 7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for 2020 (Free & Premium)

Top 7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Before spending their hard-earned dollars on consumer products or services, they like giving evidence that they will spend their money wisely. Showing customers that other people have already bought your product or service and a good experience is strong social proof and it can be very effective in encouraging new buyers. So, that WordPress Testimonial Plugins would be a great option for your customers.

You can contact all your previous customers and you can email them with a testimonial about …

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9 Most Popular WordPress Slider Plugins Compared 2020 (Free & Paid)

WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

The slides are beautiful. Do you want to add a WordPress Slider Plugins to your WordPress site? When created with the right tool, WordPress sliders can make your site more engaging, more interactive, and more fun. The best thing about sliders is that you can do anything with them. Use them on the header section of your website, add them to your post/page or use them on the portfolio page.

Finding the best and most popular free WordPress slider plugin …

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7 Best Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins for 2020

Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins

WordPress sites are often targeted by hackers, the main reason for this is that it is the most popular CMS that gives rights to almost 30% of all websites on the Web. Security Issues – Using WordPress !! headache?? Don’t Worry, By Two-factor authentication is easy to secure your WordPress login here.

There are several ways which can add extra layers of security to the WordPress site; Two-factor authentication is one of them. The user needs to use another authentication …

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7 Best WordPress Geotargeting Plugins for Location Based Content in 2020

If small business owners choose to use a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, they will run a hassle-free website and endless optimization options. Devices like Google Analytics help a lot because it shows you valuable data about your site’s visitors. But if you want to show special data for users of the specified area, then the WordPress Geotargeting plugins comes in.

These plugins help website owners to create customized content for the individual user, where they are based …

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7 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins for Your Website in 2020

7 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins

Do you need to present the images in the most stylish way on your WordPress website? If so, then the WordPress Lightbox plugin is the appropriate tool to suit your needs. Media management in WordPress is a popular trend because the pictures and video play an important role in making the website attractive. With the sole purpose of making your media content beautiful on all devices. WordPress Lightbox plugins are undoubtedly a profound choice for users, with lots of images …

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Top 10 Best Payment Gateway for Small Businesses : Compare & Review

Best Payment Gateways for Small Business

Maintaining high liquidity in the business is one of the highest priorities for any business. With this in mind, most companies are opening their doors to accept online payments. Online payment helps companies save time, gets faster and saves maximum efforts for customers. It also helps in reducing the cost involved in physical transactions. As more and more people are trying to do online business, the importance of gateways is increasing. Businesses that have not yet integrated the payment gateway …

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7 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Plugins Compared – (Free & Premium)

7 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugins

If you want to create stylish posts and pages for your WordPress website, then a page builder plugin is the best way to do this. The best WordPress page builders add a new content editor interface to your website that allows you to do as much as possible currently with the default editor.

Not only do these advanced web design tools allow you to work through a drag-and-drop user interface, but they also provide you with the selection of useful …

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