How to install WordPress Manually: An ultimate Complete Guide for Beginners

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. Recently, you have heard this term a lot. You are hearing very good things about the most popular WordPress content management system (CMS). Now you are curious you want to dive into it. In this article we cover How to install WordPress Manually.

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. Recently, you have heard this term a lot. You are hearing very good things about the most popular WordPress content management system (CMS). Now you are curious you want to dive into it. In this article we cover How to install WordPress Manually.

You are ready to take full advantage of the WP platform to power your website. But there is a problem. You do not know what to do or where to start until WP is installed. If you are looking for a solution to move forward, then you have come to the right place. As in this tutorial for beginners, I will explain how to install WordPress. so stay tuned.

WordPress is used by more than 30% of websites in the world, which is the most commonly used software for creating websites. It is easy to set up and helps launch websites or blogs quickly. And the stack of free and paid plugins gives you a chance to grow your website using any suitable plugin of your choice. However, you can buy an amazing WordPress Readymade website from Delegate studio the best WordPress website provider with a website builder(Elementor Pro), ON Page SEO, Domain and hosting.

And also you can easily create your website page using WordPress page builders. Now there are a lot of additional fine-tuning things you can do to improve the WP website performance, SEO, security and much more using WP plugins.

Installing WordPress does not really require any effort. Apart from this, many automated WP installs scripts i.e. Softaculus, Fantastico and SimpleScript are also available nowadays. All the top web hosting providers use one of these scripts to give their customers one-click capability. But as per the topic of this article, let me show you how to manually install WordPress. And after reading this post you will be sure. This step-by-step guide will help you to install WP flawlessly. So let’s get started!

How to install WordPress

There are 6 simple steps to install WordPress

  1. Create the Database
  2. Download WordPress
  3. Begin the Process to Install WordPress
  4. Fill in the Required Information
  5. Run the Installation
  6. Final Step to Install WordPress

Step 1. Create the Database

Before starting, it is suggested that you should first create a database. A WordPress website requires a database to store data. Just go to “phpmyadmin” from your xampp or hosting panel and click on ‘New’ and name your database and then click on the ‘Create’ button to finish the process.

create a database for wordpress installation

We will now proceed to the WP installation process.

Step 2. Download WordPress

Obviously, the basic step to get started is to download WordPress. To download WordPress, go to the official site i.e. and download it as shown below.

download wordpress

Step 3. Begin the Process to Install WordPress

After downloading WordPress, copy the entire folder and paste it into the directory of your hosting server where you want it. In most cases this is the “public_html” directory, however, in some cases, you may prefer it to a subfolder or subdomain. Just find the downloaded set up in the desired directory and copy/paste it. If you want it on your local PC using XAMPP, paste it into “htdocs” in your root directory. Now copy the full path and hit in the browser and enter. You will see a screen where you have to select the language.

select language for wordpress installation

On next step, click on a Let’s Go button to proceed.

proceed to wordpress installation

Step 4. Fill in the Required Information

Database name (database we created earlier), username, database host and then click on ‘submit’ button to continue. In most cases the host is localhost. You can also change the prefix to database tables, by default it is ‘WP_’, it was an idea among the WordPress community that changing the table prefix would improve security but this is not true.

enter database connection details to install wordpress

Step 5. Run the Installation

On the next page, you will be able to see the installation if only everything goes well.

run the installation of wordpress

Step 6. Final Step to Install WordPress

As you can see the welcome page, now you have to give your WordPress site a title, username, password, email address to create your admin account. After filling more information, press the ‘Install WordPress at the bottom’ button.

final step to install wordpress

Congratulation! You have successfully installed WordPress on your computer. 100% manually.

wordpress installation complete

Now log in to your site. Just enter the correct credentials and log in.

login to wordpress

As soon as you enter the correct credentials, you will be launched to your WP site’s dashboard with the default Twenty Twenty theme.

wordpress dashboard

Here you can see various options to customize your site according to your business needs. On the top left corner, you will see a home icon. When you click on that home icon it will show an option to visit your site. So you can click on it and visit your site with a dummy content.

And finally, this is how your WordPress website will look. But you can modify or customize it according to your needs. The front end of the WP website is controlled by its theme and you can create a WordPress theme both offline and online to suit your business. If you like the design of another WP website, you can easily check the WordPress theme.

End Note

Although manually installing WordPress seems like a hassle, you will find it easy after hanging it. Installing WP is a piece of cake. You can do this as easily as the next guy. Make sure to follow each step carefully and you will have WordPress installed on your computer in no time! Whether you decide to get a host that will pre-install WordPress or you want to install it manually, I hope this article helps!

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Have you installed WordPress before? How did you hack it and how was your experience? any questions? suggestion? Come to the comment section and wow us with your contribution. Adios!

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