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7 Best Image Optimizer and Compression WordPress Plugins 2020 – Compared

Are you looking for the best image Optimizer and Compression WordPress plugins for your website? That’s a good idea! Image compression plugins allow you to easily customize images in WordPress for better speed and performance. Every great website needs pictures to grab the attention of visitors. Whether you are a blogger, an eCommerce site, or a small business, pictures make your website professional. But, if you have found a lot of images on your site, you will also need image optimization plugins to ensure that your site is running at top speed.

Are you looking for the best image Optimizer and Compression WordPress plugins for your website? That’s a good idea! Image compression plugins allow you to easily customize images in WordPress for better speed and performance. Every great website needs pictures to grab the attention of visitors. Whether you are a blogger, an eCommerce site, or a small business, pictures make your website professional. But, if you have found a lot of images on your site, you will also need image optimization plugins to ensure that your site is running at top speed.

When testing the load speed of your website using a tool like Pingdom, you may have noticed that images place a lot of weight on your pages, making it slow. You cannot avoid images unless you have a text-oriented blog. So what is the best way to solve it? The answer is, make each image as light as possible. Since you are using WordPress, there are some plugins that help reduce and reduce the size of images uploaded to your site or blog. In this post, I am going to compare the top image optimization plugins available in the plugins directory.

List of Image Optimizer and Compression WordPress Plugins

  • Imagify
  • ShortPixel
  • EWWW Optimizer
  • WP Smush
  • Compress JPEG & PNG Images
  • Optimus Image Optimizer

1. Imagify – Best Image Optimizer WordPress plugins

Imagify is one of the more powerful and popular WordPress image optimizers plugin

available on the web. The plugin lets you compress images using three various compression solutions with varying degrees of image size optimization and quality changes. You can choose three different settings for customization – Normal, Aggressive and Ultra. Generally, Aggressive is a good place where you can keep file sizes down without a noticeable dip in visual quality.

As you go into ultra compression, images may have blurry, light pixelation, color ratio reduction, and small artwork. However, lossy compression is incredibly effective in reducing file size.

You just sign up, grab one of those API keys, and proceed through your files. You can individually customize your library’s image by image, run bulk optimization, and any image you upload will run through the default process you set.


  • Automatically optimize images with three different harmless and lossless compression levels.
  • Create WebP images and serve them to browsers that support WebP.
  • Resize the dimensions of images automatically.
  • Choose which thumbnail size to optimize.
  • Back up the original image.
  • Add custom folders outside your media library to perform customizations.
  • Keep a backup of the original image.

2. – Best Image Optimizer WordPress plugins

free image optimizer wordpress plugin

The plugin accepts JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIF files, but only up to 5mb. You also have the option of saving some photos from customizing when you need to add an image to your site at full size. is not only an image optimizer plugin for WordPress, but it’s API is also flexible enough to be used with other CMS systems such as Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. So even though its install is lower than some others on this list, has broken billions of images. A big plus is that is completely free to download and use.

The plugin allows you to manually enter a quality level from 0 to 100. The default value is 92, which is slightly higher in my opinion. For better compression, enter a safe value in the range of 75 to 85 that improves the cut for JPEG images.


  • The design is completely free and easy to use.
  • Support in-person compression in bulk, as well as automatic compression on upload.
  • Choose the optimal compression level as required using the Image Quality Value setting.
  • Saves statistics and logs on image compression.
  • Saves a backup on optimization for restoration when needed.

3. ShortPixel – Best Image Optimizer WordPress plugins

best image optimizer wordpress 2020

Shortpixel not only scores well at compression, but it also packs a good interface. After installing and activating the plugin, every JPG, PNG, and GIF you upload will be automatically optimized, and this plugin does not enable you to turn this option off, as most others do.

Once you activate the plugin, from that point all the images you upload will be automatically optimized. If you have a ton of images already uploaded to your site’s media library, you can use the plugin’s bulk optimization feature to optimize them all with one click.

The ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin is another useful WordPress image compression plugin. For this, you will need to obtain an API key by providing your email address. The original free account allows you to compress up to 100 images per month, and you will have to upgrade to their paid plans to increase this limit.

ShortPixel is a developer specifically for WordPress. They offer free and paid accounts (like all others). Shortpixel is compatible with WooCommerce making it a popular and powerful choice for e-commerce sites.


  • Automatically compress images using multiple levels of lossy or lossless compression.
  • Automatically resize the image dimensions to the maximum you set.
  • Compress JPG, PNG, GIF (including animated GIFs) and even PDF documents.
  • Convert images to WebP format.
  • Choose which image thumbnail size to compress.
  • Keep a backup of the original image.

4. EWWW Optimizer – Best Image Optimizer WordPress plugins

EWWW Optimizer wordpress plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is a great alternative to the WordPress Image Compression plugin. It is easy to use and you can automatically customize the images that you upload on the fly. It can also compress and optimize your already uploaded images in bulk. After installing and installing the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin, it will automatically optimize any images you upload to your blog, as long as they are one of the JPG, PNG, or GIF files. It also includes a function to optimize your entire media catalog if your site already has too many images.

If you have a large number of pictures in your media library, it can optimize the entire lot at once. A key benefit of the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is that it handles all compression of your own server without having to resort to any external third-party service. Therefore, optimization occurs very rapidly. For this to work, you need to set the plugin correctly in your local WordPress folder. Some users may find this difficult, and to overcome this difficulty, users can choose to customize images in the cloud. All communications are protected with SSL encryption, and your original images are supported for free for 30 days.

It does all the compression on your own server which means that you don’t have to sign up for an account to get an API key. It can also customize images generated by other WordPress plugins and store them outside of your media library folders. An account is not required to use this plugin, but you can sign up for their API to get additional features.


  • Optimize images on your own server, or connect via an API for cloud optimization.
  • Optimizes JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.
  • Four different compression levels, though not all are available for free.
  • Resize images to maximum dimensions automatically.
  • Dynamically serve images through a CDN and resize them as a user’s device (such as short pixel adaptive images). This is a paid service.
  • Schedule optimization to run at a certain time of day, which lets you schedule for off-peak hours to conserve server resources.
  • Convert PNG to JPG and vice versa.
  • Create and serve WebP images.

5. WP Smush

wp smush Compress Optimize and Lazy Load Images wordpress plugin

WP Smush is a fast and user-friendly plugin that compresses JPEG, GIF and PNG images on its server. It strips metadata from JPEG files, but it is also possible if you want to preserve EXIF ​​data. Smush is the most popular image compression and optimization plugin with over 1 million active installs. However, the free version only provides lossless compression techniques.

As soon as you upload them to your site, you can set the plugin to automatically customize all your new images. Customize images individually by clicking on them in the media library. Then, choose the Smush option in the Attachment Details window. Once you select the height and width for the image, you can resize it by scaling it down. What is helpful is that the original images remain untouched. Only the version of the image that WordPress uploads are resized.

The free version of the plugin does not require you to create an account to use their API key. The bulk optimization feature allows you to optimize up to 50 images at a time, and you can re-run the bulk optimizer to compress more images. WP Smush is the image optimization plugin of WPMU DEV, available in both free and premium formats. As is common with such plugins, any image you upload to your WordPress site will be automatically optimized.


  • Automatically compress images with lossless compression. No lossy compression for free.
  • Resize image dimensions automatically.
  • Choose which thumbnail size to optimize.
  • Strip EXIF Metadata.
  • Lazy load images for faster initial page load time.
  • Optimize images in external directories.
  • Bulk optimizes 50 images at the same time.

6. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Compress JPEG & PNG Images wordpress plugin

The aptly named JPEG and PNG images connect your WordPress site with the TinyPNG and TinyJPG services so that you can automatically customize the images of your WordPress site. Tiny PNG and Tiny JPG are free online services to reduce the size of images. Compressed JPEG and PNG helps to integrate your WordPress with these services. Like other plugins, it automatically resizes images when uploading, as well as resizing existing images individually or in bulk. You can adjust the height and width of images, preserve metadata, and choose the sizes you want to compress — thumbnail, medium, or full size. The compression of animated PNG is also possible.

Images are processed in tiny JPG or tiny PNG servers. These services analyze your image, determine the best possible mode to compress, and then affect compression. They reduce the file size by 40% -60% for JPG images and 50% -80% for PNG images, causing a minimal loss in image quality. A free API key gets you up to 100 images a month. For additional images, you will have to pay a small fee.

If you configure an API key in your wp-config.php file, there will be no need to obtain multiple API keys in a multi-site. If necessary, the bulk optimization option can be used to optimize all images in your media library. TinyPNG is another popular compression plugin, with over 100k active installations. Compress JPEG and PNG images is the encoding for progressive JPEG and is the best compressor plugin for animated PNG. It is compatible with WP Retina 2x, WP Offload S3, WooCommerce (although there are some known issues) and WPML as well as multisite compatible.


  • It only supports lossy compression, although it’s not very aggressive and I can’t see any degradation in quality.
  • Automatically optimize new images and bulk optimize(optimization of existing images)
  • Choose which thumbnail size to optimize.
  • Resize image dimensions automatically.
  • Extract EXIF information.

7. Optimus Image Optimizer

optimus image optimizer wordpress plugin

While Optimus talks about the actual optimization process, the free version of this plugin includes a 100kb file size cap on the images you can process, essentially giving it a glorious demo. With that being said, Optimus has a simple settings menu, which makes it a good choice if you are looking for sheer performance and are not interested in fixing the details of the optimization process.

This image optimizer plugin not only optimizes the files you upload but also has multiple sized images that WordPress automatically creates for these media files (ie thumbnails, small, medium and large).

The free version does not include WebP conversion, but it allows an unlimited number of images. Instead of using its own server for WordPress, Optimus sends your images to the Optimus server in Germany for customization, then sends it back after optimizing the image.

For additional file size reduction, you will be able to specify whether you want Optimus to retain or delete image metadata such as author, EXIF, and copyright information. Optimus has a bulk image compressor, is compatible with WooCommerce, WP Retina 2x and WordPress Multisite, and does not store your images on its server after being optimized.


  • Reduce file size during upload
  • Optimize all preview images of a photo
  • No adjustment to the required code
  • Optional: HTTPS connection for image transfer (Optimus Headquarters)
  • Optional: Conversion to WebP image format (Optimus Headquarters)
  • Fast load time for blog pages
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • WordPress multisite-support
  • Bulk optimization (optimization of existing images)
  • Optimization of images generated by WP Retina 2x (Conversion to WebP.)


We hope you liked this article on the best image optimization plugin. Now you are ready to optimize your images and make your site faster. Not only will you be happy with a super-fast site, but your website visitors and customers will also be happy.

Image optimization is only part of website optimization. There is more to speed up your website. A quick website is essential for a high ranking on search engine results.

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If we missed any image optimization plugin, share it with us in the comments section.

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