Joomla Page Builder is a great tool page builder makes website development easier. In Joomla, it is an extension that can help you build your website faster and save valuable time and money. Before building a page, you must build a website by custom coding, or hire developers and invest a lot of money. Now, in this modern age, you don’t need to repeat the old way. Instead, you can use the page builder to build the website yourself. In this article, we come up with the list of 18 Best Joomla Page Builders to build your website.

However, when you browse in the market, there are many page builders, which often confuses us. When building a website, we must invest carefully. Some of us cannot invest their money and time twice, so choosing a good page builder is very important.

Today, I will share the details of about 18 Joomla page builders. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the ideal page builder for your project. Before looking at the details, let’s take a look at the menu.

What is Joomla Page Builder ?

Joomla Page Builder is a tool and built as a Joomla extension that can be installed into Joomla-based websites to help users use friendly work panels, drag-and-drop layout builders, pre-made content pages and content blocks to make it faster Ground-build pages for its website can be easily imported or added, an inline editor and a large number of options to configure and customize styles.

Before you build a page, you must build a website by custom coding, or hire developers and invest a lot of money. Now, in this modern age, you don’t need to repeat the old way. Instead, you can use the page builder to build the website yourself. If you want to know the differece between Website Builder and Page Builder we have an detail article on Page Builder vs Website Builder.

18 Best Joomla Page Builders 2021

  1. SP Page Builder
  2. JA Builder
  3. YOOtheme Page Builder
  4. Quix Page Builder
  5. Azura Joomla Page Builder
  6. JSN Page Builder
  7. Blox Page Builder
  8. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox
  9. JD Builder
  10. T4 Page Builder
  11. Page Builder CK
  12. RS Page Builder
  13. Content Builder
  14. Coming Soon Page Builder
  15. Geek Landing Page Builder
  16. Kiolezo
  17. NextGen Editor
  18. N1ED

1. SP Page Builder

sp page builder -drag and drop joomla page builder

SP page builder is one of the very powerful and feature-rich Joomla page builders. With this extension, you can create a 100% mobile responsive website in the fastest time. Everything you do, every change you make can be visually seen and completed immediately. SP Page Builder comes with front-end and back-end page editors. Use the one you are used to or want.

Integration with Helix Framework

The SP Page builder includes a powerful Helix framework. Helix is ​​the fastest template framework, it is built with clean code and modern technology. Helix is ​​fully search engine optimized; therefore, you can easily rank content above search results.

Everything you do with Helix is ​​friendly to users and developers; when using the framework, you won’t find any kind of complexity.

Add-on Support

To make the desired website, you need to use add-ons. These add-ons help you create your preferred section without any coding. There are more than 50 additional components in this page builder. Each plugin has its own uniqueness and purpose.

The lite version of the SP page generator provides 14 free attachments. SP Page Builder provides free add-ons to design and build your website whereas others don’t provide anything for free. Although the lite version has many limitations, you can at least build a basic website with the lite version.

If you want the ultimate experience of using SP Page Builder, you must use the Pro version. However, whether you will be satisfied is a question.

Drag and Drop Page Building

In this modern age, website building is not a difficult task, to make it easier, SP Page Builder will provide you with an award-winning drag and drop system. Every element remains on the sidebar, just drag and drop the elements needed to build the required part.

No matter what you build with SP page builder, it will always have a 100% response speed and you can use any device. By drag-and-drop page construction, every change you make will be executed in real time. Therefore, you will not make any previews.

List of Features of SP Page Builder:

There are many other functions, but the important ones are:

  • Real-time front-end website construction100% mobile responsive.
  • Many template designs.
  • Ready-made part
  • Major third-party integration
  • Fast website building
  • Multilingual support
  • Template compatibility
  • Refurbished system structure
  • More than 50 powerful plugins
  • Senior Media Manager

Pros & Cons of SP Page Builder:


  • Mobile friendly
  • No need to be a coding expert.
  • Easy export and import options
  • Free pre-designed templates
  • Excellent support


  • There is no free version of the front-end editor.
  • There is no SEO integration available.
  • Moderate options for complex layouts.
  • The response column size adjustment is not very good.
  • Instant columns cannot be added or even resized, which is completely restricted.
  • The nested column feature is very confusing.
  • Page specific settings are not available.
  • The pre-designed page templates are free, but if you don’t buy the professional version, you won’t get a free reminder of “pre-designed page templates”.

2. JA Builder

ja builder

JA Builder is one of the best builder tools for Joomla CMS carefully crafted by Joomlart. An elegant library of pre-made pages and content blocks can instantly create a beautiful website. There are many options and not much customization is required.

Each element block comes with a preview, so you don’t need to place and check one by one. Preview it, and if you like it, use it on your website. Wait a minute actually, more customization is possible. On each block, it can be customized for each element.

More than 120 content blocks can save you time

JA Builder can provide more than 18 types of content blocks. Here, you can find multiple options for each, and JA Joomla Content Generator provides a total of more than 130 blocks. This page block contains home pages about us, portfolios, contacts, etc. With just one click, a block can be inserted immediately.

Each content block is designed by a professional designer with user needs in mind. The most popular design has been completed. However, if you want to customize more content, edit each element the way you want. These blocks will be updated regularly.

More than 29 ready-made page libraries

Time is a very valuable asset that can save you time. JA Builder provides you with more than 29 advanced page libraries. These pages are fully completed and can be used anywhere. Each page is elegant from top to bottom, and is designed with your needs in mind.

Select “Page” from the page’s menu, and then insert the desired page. With just one click, it will be inserted and it will look like a preview. These page libraries will not always be the same, the Joomlart team will update this page and add new pages regularly.

Device friendliness

JA Joomla page builder contains more than 120 content blocks and more than 29 page libraries, which are fully responsive to the device. Every layout you build with this page builder is 100% device responsive. No matter which device you use to access your website, it will always be the same as other devices.

After building the part, you can check the device’s response settings and view different device layouts, such as widescreen, desktop, tablet, mobile phone. You can change or disable any part you want from there.

List of Functions JA Builder

  • More than 29 advanced page libraries
  • 120+ advanced content blocks
  • Fully responsive device
  • Forum support
  • Inline editing
  • Video overlay support
  • Icon support
  • Template compatibility
  • Framework compatibility
  • Third-party extension compatibility
  • Image replacement

Pros & Cons of JA Builder


  • Ready-made content blocks
  • Forum supports free version


  • The premium content block does not provide a free version.
  • The free version does not include the Premium Page library.
  • The user interface is not good.

3. YOO theme Page Builder

yoo theme page builder

YOOtheme Page Builder is the ideal solution for all professional Joomla developers and beginners who want to start using amazing page layouts. After subscribing to YOOtheme, you can cancel your subscription at any time within 30 days and get a full refund. They do not ask any questions. However, you can also join a thriving community and keep in touch with more than 150,000 users.

YOOtheme Builder has a real-time editing function.

  • It fully supports third-party plug-ins and extensions.
  • It has a drag-and-drop function to easily organize everything.
  • All the content you create can be seen immediately in the real-time preview.
  • Completely free Joomla page builder.
  • It allows you to add and manage content using this page builder.
  • You can use more than 35 elements to build the content you need.
  • More than 250 pre-built page builder layouts are easy to design.


  • YOOtheme offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Every layout you create can be easily adapted to devices of all sizes.
  • It allows you to mix and match individual segments to form beautiful designs.
  • It will regularly release new packages.
  • You can use high-quality free images.
  • One-click update.


  • It does not have any free plans.
  • They have no monthly plans.

4. Quix Page Builder

quix joomla page builder

Quix Page Builder is built by their team of experts to enhance your page building experience. This is not a new product; it is built based on a year of research and experience with Joomla real-time users. Time and money are important in everyone’s life; therefore, the expert team must build a quix page builder in order to save your precious time and money. You can build a professional website by yourself instead of donating to others.

This Joomla 3 page builder has compatibility with all templates and frameworks. The most popular frameworks such as t3, helix, gantry, warp, etc. all support Quix. No matter which template or framework you want to use, Quix always works perfectly.

This best Joomla page builder provides a free version and a professional version. You can use this Joomla page builder free version to perform almost all operations. You will see the differences and features of the free version if you compare Quix Joomla page builder with other professional builders.

Features of Quix Page Builder

  • Senior Media Manager
  • Front-end generator (visual generator)
  • Backend builder (classic builder)
  • SEO analyzer
  • Shape divider
  • Third-party extension integration
  • SVG support
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Ready-made layout part
  • Everything set
  • Customizable layout options
  • 100% device response
  • Portability options
  • Movable mode
  • Non-destructive mode

Pros & Cons of Quix Page Builder


  • Non-destructive mode
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • SVG and gradient support
  • Free front-end builder
  • Built-in icon
  • Rich documentation and support
  • Advanced media manager allows you to do more


  • Insufficient video documentation

5. Azura Joomla Page Builder

azura joomla page builder

Azura Joomla Page Builder is an advanced backend builder with drag and drop UI to build website in minutes. Every part you build is just drag and drop and modify. Unless you want to do custom coding, no other coding knowledge is required.

Azura page builder can guarantee your satisfaction, if you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 7 days after registration. This page builder offers four different pricing plans-free, personal, enterprise and developer.

The free version only provides limited support, 20 built-in elements but unlimited basic knowledge of website licensing. The personal plan comes with a license for $25 per year and a 10% discount when renewing. The other two pricing plans will charge you annual fees of $40 and $100, respectively.

Templates and Content Elements

Azura page builder contains more than 40 advanced elements. Literally, you can build any type of section with these elements in a matter of minutes, and you don’t even need to touch a line of code. This page builder has template compatibility; therefore, you can use this Joomla builder with any template.

cththemes provides you with the Azura page builder, and they accept requests for new elements. If you need any element, just post a request to its developer.

Fully customized back-end page construction

All content in Azura page builder is based on drag and drop and backend page construction. To build a section, select a specific element, then place it on that section and change its settings as needed.

Each element of Azura has multiple customization options-general, style, layout and animation. You will fill your heart with beauty.

Generator layout of Joomla content and custom modules

By default, Azura provides support for Joomla content components. You don’t need any custom plugins to create videos, galleries, sliders and post articles. With Azura Page Builder, you can control everything. Together with Joomla content component support, it also provides you with Joomla custom module support.

List of Features of Azura Joomla Page Builder

  • ACL and open graph support
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • 40+ pre-built style elements
  • Element requirements
  • Builder layout for custom modules
  • K2 and contact component support
  • Multilingual support
  • CSS3 animation support
  • Picture library with infinite scroll loading
  • Simple customization options
  • Awesome Lineicon icon font
  • The meta attribute of the image.

Pros & Cons


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CSS3 animation support
  • Image meta attributes
  • 40+ image libraries
  • Fully responsive device


  • No front-end builder
  • Previewing changes will take your precious time.
  • Only the basic elements are free.

6. JSN Page Builder

jsn page builder

JSN Page Builder” is one of the top Joomla page builders of JoomlaShine. This powerful page builder allows you to create any complex web content very easily in the shortest time. With the JSN page builder, you will get what you need. This page builder has many features, and three pricing plans: Free, Professional Edition and Professional Edition Developers. The differences in each plan are very small, let’s take a look at its features.

Powerful element

JSN page builder comes with excellent elements, with the help of these elements, you can build any simple to complex layout. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time on every element. If you like to drag an element, place it and modify only the basics.

In short, your working JSN page builder also comes with pre-made layouts. These layouts can minimize your workload, and you don’t need to consider the design because the professional has already completed the design.

Revolutionary user experience

This Joomla is a 3-page builder, very easy to use, and all settings are organized in one place. You don’t need to go to multiple places to make a change at once. Every general, style, and advanced option is placed in three different tabs in the “Settings” panel.

In this panel, you can change the elements and shape them the way you like. At first, it may seem a bit complicated, but once you start developing, it will become easier. Use Joomla integrated JSN for visual editing. Joomla editor helps you edit modules, articles and edit more easily with the help of excellent drag-and-drop operations. Visual editing does not require any previous coding experience. Drag the required elements, and make some modifications, you can start using.

This Joomla content generator is compatible with all popular template frameworks. If you have a framework you like, please don’t worry about using JSN Joomla page builder conveniently in that framework.

List of features of JSN Page Builder:

  • Fully responsive device
  • Revolutionary user experience
  • Advanced elements
  • Use functions anywhere
  • Joomla content
  • Visual and front-end editing
  • Convenient media selector
  • Flexible module location
  • Rich content elements
  • Page optimization

Pros & Cons of JSN Page Builder:


  • Pre-designed page templates
  • Set up the panel in order.
  • Easy visual editing.
  • Dedicated support
  • Rich elements


  • The user interface is not so effective.
  • The elements listed are short
  • The free version is very limited, only 3 pages.
  • Confusing page optimization

7. Blox Page Builder

blox joomla page builder

Use the Blox page builder to fully control your website. Use this advanced page builder to build any simple to complex layout you can imagine. With its drag-and-drop layout, everything on your website will be completed instantly.

Its quick layout saves you time, you only need to select the number of columns you need to add columns immediately. In operation, if you need to delete one, you can also do so.

Blox Joomla page builder understands your needs; therefore, it allows you to create any type of Joomla website, including business, agency, education, e-commerce, one page, magazine, news, events, etc. No matter which website you build, it will always remain responsive and always appear on every device in the same way.

Layout control

We have noticed the big things, but sometimes overlook the small things, which also play a vital role in website construction. With the blox page builder, you can also cover those small pages. Such a small option is the column spacing.

Column spacing allows you to change the gap immediately, allowing you to experiment with different types of column layouts. You can also add or delete any column layout on the fly. It’s not that you can add or remove columns at the beginning, you can also add or remove columns as needed.

Each line added using the blox builder can have a container to center the content. Blox Builder allows you to add a background to the row; you can add any solid color or image background to the row. Sometimes, it is particularly necessary to fill in each row, and the amazing Blox page builder also provides this option.

Accessory library

Blox Joomla visual editor includes every necessary plug-in for daily website construction. These add-ons will not hinder your work; it allows you to do more. By using these elements, you can construct the layout in many different ways.

When building a website, you may often need to use icons, so you need to seek third-party help. Blox page builder solves your problem; you don’t need any third-party icons. This page builder provides hundreds of clear icons.
Unlimited possibilities

This Joomla page builder increases the possibilities in a new way. Every plugin that comes with blox is fully customizable, so with one plugin, you can create many different layouts. If you are not enough, you can write custom HTML, CSS and JS code.

List of features of Blox Page Builder

  • Quick layout
  • Column spacing
  • Full response
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Line padding width
  • Niche related templates
  • Icon manager
  • Framework compatibility
  • Custom font style
  • Plugin library
  • Custom code
  • Template compatibility

Pros & Cons of Blox Page Builder


  • Quick layout function
  • Quick column spacing
  • 50+ templates


  • More than 700 add-ons are provided, but the free version only provides some add-ons.
  • The user interface is very complicated.

8. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

joomla website builder gridbox

A real-time website builder, which allows users to configure the website in real time, and all content on the website can be updated immediately. Joomla website builder Gridbox is a modern comprehensive solution for everyone, they are crazy to build elegant Joomla blog or website.

By dragging elements to build any part, you can immediately see the changes. If you want to put it down and don’t have time, you can try using ready-made page blocks. Creating a website now only takes a few minutes.

With gridbox, you can take full control with just a few clicks. Change the layout of any text you want, and provide the user with the reading feeling he looks like on your website. Use gridbox to customize the font, size, height, width, margin, padding and other content to make your content layout richer.

Drag and drop website builder

All elements included with Gridbox are fully draggable. You can locate any element wherever you want. With this simple tool, you can change the way you build your website.

After placing the elements, click on settings and customize them to build your ideal website. Occasionally, if an element is misplaced, it can be replaced by dragging it, or it can be cloned by clicking the mouse will save your precious time.

Advanced management panels and themes

Joomla Gridbox provides you with all the functions. With its intuitive management panel, you can manage your website faster. Manage all visits from one page, and make any page private or public as needed. Then, you can also export the page.

If you need a ready-made website in a hurry, you can try a pre-built website. You don’t need to touch any line of code, and you don’t need to drag any element from the Elements panel. Everything is built, you only need to make a few adjustments to start scrolling the site. With the help of these topics, you can build any type of website, but if you want to build your own inner world, you should start from scratch.

List of Features of Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

  • Visual front-end editing
  • Drag and drop layout
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Pre-designed content blocks
  • Blog application
  • 40+ elements
  • Access all Gridbox themes
  • Instant website building
  • Multilingual support
  • Advanced management panel

Pros & Cons of Joomla Website Builder Gridbox:


  • Real-time website construction
  • Pre-built themes
  • Responsive editing
  • Fully mobile responsive


  • No backend builder
  • Free with no theme
  • The blogging platform is only available in the Pro version
  • One page navigation is not available in the free version

9. JD Builder

jd builder

JD Builder is one of the best Joomla page builders. This is the next generation Joomla page builder with clean layout. In addition, the page builder is supported by an extensive library with more than 600 fonts.

The page builder is also compatible with SEO and SEM, and you will be able to build web pages quickly. JD builder comes with a drag and drop feature.

In addition, it also has a powerful element library. The library contains more than 30 builder elements. And the number will increase as other versions increase. Using this page builder, you will also find different elements such as the content of the slider, Joomla modules, Joomla articles, contact forms, etc.

Main features of JD Builder

Drag and drop generator

JD Builder comes with a drag and drop generator. As a result, you can build web pages by simply dragging and adding elements as you want. Moreover, you have complete freedom to move any rows, columns, elements, sections and all other content on the page.

Library of pre-designed templates and sections

JD Builder comes with a large number of pre-designed pages and libraries of different parts. You only need to insert a part or page to complete the operation. The library includes hero part, about part, service part, function part and so on. Just insert and change the content.

Powerful element library

JD Builder Joomla page builder currently has more than 15 builder elements, and these elements will grow with each release. You can find everything from content to sliders, Joomla modules, Joomla articles, Contact forms and all other elements.

Built-in 3 Icon libraries

It integrate three icon libraries, which provide you with more than 2000 icons in the page builder.

Design with real-time preview

Don’t worry about the real-time editing experience. With JD Builder, you can experience real-time editing on the backend. Make changes and reflect them on the web page with the help of real-time preview. You don’t need to save, refresh and change windows. All these can be done automatically with the help of real-time preview function.

Full control over typography

Yes, in this Joomla page builder, you can fully control the layout of web pages, sections, rows, columns, and even elements. If you want to use a page-level layout, please set it at the page level. If you want to use any unique layout for a specific section, you can set it at the section level. You can fully control and manage it at any level.

Support custom CSS and SCSS

Need a custom style? Or need to write CSS code to make any part unique. Our Joomla page builder comes with custom CSS and SCSS support. You can write your own custom CSS or SCSS for any page, section or element. It applies to all levels.

Developed through a mobile-first approach

Using this Joomla page builder, you can easily create a responsive website easily. You can use this Joomla page builder to set different settings for screens of different sizes.
Use JD Builder to create any simple to complex design

JD Builder gives you complete freedom to design any layout from simple to complex. It provides you with sections, rows, columns, and even internal row elements. With the help of inner row elements, you can create rows within columns and easily design any complex layout.

Most features are free

Most page builders provide key features that have a professional version, but JD Builder provides all these features for free. Here are some of them:

  • Row in column
  • Page import and export
  • Disable/enable sections, rows and columns
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom SCSS
  • Access a library of pre-designed sections and pages
  • Undo/redo your actions
  • Copy/paste settings
  • SEO and Open Graph settings and many other settings.

10. T4 Page Builder

t4 page builder

T4 Page Builder by JoomlArt is all the functions needed to create a beautiful website, with 100% visual design, drag-and-drop function, easy-to-use inline editor, more than 10 beautiful website packages that can be used at any time, including 1 -One-click import function, more than 80 content block designs, more than 40 additional components and elements.

100% visual design

Use T4 Builder’s excellent visual editor to update content and customize styles has never been easier. Design, edit and customize every part of the website in real time.

  • Advanced inline editor: update content and format inline content
  • Custom style tools: set width, height, margin, padding, font, etc.
  • Image/video overlay background
  • More than 70 animation libraries
  • Precast section design libraries
  • The exquisite part design covers many topics and can create landing pages, websites and campaigns faster.
  • Theme settings: quickly change the style of the content block
  • User block: create your own content block library and reuse it on different pages
  • Shared block: Set a block as a shared block to use the same block in many pages

Fully responsive and mobile friendly design

T4 Page Builder will be fully responsive and friendly to mobile devices and uses Bootstrap 4 responsive grid system.

  • Responsive configuration: You can configure to display, show or hide any elements and parts on different responsive layouts.
  • Scalable and developer-friendly

Many features to customize and update pages (parts) at the developer level:

  • -Custom column and page HTML
  • -Use the built-in CSS editor to customize page and section styles.
  • -Load custom/external JS/CSS libraries

Support Google fonts, permission settings and many other tools:

Supports many features and built-in options to help you build and update the content and style of your website easier than ever.

  • Google fonts: use the advanced font manager to add any Google fonts, and then use it to configure the fonts.
  • Page revision: One-click check and restore to previous updates.
  • Font icon: Material Icon font and Awesome Icon font are supported by default. Use the icon element to add font icons to any position.

11. Page builder CK

joomla page builder ck

With Page Builder CK you can easily create content with drag and drop and many predefined elements. You can use accordion, labels, icons to create custom pages, and set the style at will through the style interface.

Element library

Select any element with one click and add it to your content. Then you can edit and change any layout or image.

Module page generator CK can put your content everywhere

A module named Page Builder CK is also automatically installed in the software package. You can use this module to place content anywhere on the page, not just the main content area. You can create as many modules as you need, and create content directly in the module admin as in the component by dragging and dropping.

Direct version of your article

You can switch to the page builder editor by clicking the button in Joomla dashboard. It will replace your editor well, you can create content directly in the article.

Front-end version

You can edit the page on the front end of the website. No need to spend time between multiple windows (administrator and front end), just log in to the front end and edit articles and pages directly here.

You will use your local Joomla to access the article version! ACL.

Inline text

Do you need to update the text? No need to open any pop-up window, just click it and write! You will spend a lot of time and effort to create content.

Full editor available

If you don’t want to use the embedded version and get the full editor, you can open the text version in a full-width pop-up window and use the full capabilities of the editor (you can also use Tinymce’s editor buttons).

Advanced layout and columns

You can create advanced page layouts and provide custom values ​​for columns in the form of %. Create any number of columns and easily set the width.

Responsive settings

Set exactly what you want to do and how you want the elements to react based on the resolution.

You can use component options to set resolution values ​​and adapt them to your needs.

On each row, column and item, you can choose whether to show/hide it for any resolution, and whether to align or stack elements.

Media manager

Using the integrated fast media manager, you can easily browse folders and select images in it. You can also upload pictures by drag and drop, and immediately create a folder where you need it.

Extensible plugin

There are no restrictions on creating content using Page Builder CK. You can create your own element plug-in and then put the content type in the list. Then, you can create the content you need by developing your own plug-in, and then drag and drop on the page to add elements, set the options to be used, and define what you want to render on the front end.

The following is a list of plugins included:

– accordion
– animated number
– audio player
– blog
– button
– code (html, php…)
– contact form
– google map
– open street map
– heading
– icon
– icontext
– image
– message
– module
– separator
– slider
– social_icons
– table
– tabs
– testimonials
– text
– vertical tabs
– video

12. RS Page Builder

rs page builder

RS Page Builder aims to build better content on Joomla pages. The colorful drag-and-drop interface allows users to seamlessly use the elements on the responsive layout.

Features of RS Page Builder:

  • Customizable layout and elements to create stunning pages
  • Support for Bootstrap 2 and 3
  • Responsive layout provides better visibility on all devices
  • Drag and drop user interface – no coding skills required
  • It is recommended to use on the following versions
  • Joomla 3 and higher
  • PHP 5 and above
  • MySQL 5 and above

13. Content Builder

content builder

Although ContentBuilder is an easy-to-use, fast and powerful content building toolkit, it can fill the gap between the crack and regular Joomla!

The main task of Content Builder is to construct Joomla while preserving the content layout! But there are more things you can do, including:

  • form
  • Content management
  • product list
  • table of Contents
  • Classified Ads
  • Contact form
  • Article submission
  • Basic community
  • Paid content
  • File directory (upload/download)
  • File sales
  • Picture library
  • Extended Joomla! Registration, including verification code and paid registration
  • List/detail view (record display)
  • Website builder
  • …Or perform regular CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on the data.
  • Support CSV import!

By default, Content Builder provides a list/detail view, which can be used as a management panel. If needed, it will also create regular content items, which you can use on your website as you would any other content-no core replacement required.

Content Builder provides a well-defined plug-in infrastructure to enhance its functionality:

    • Content (extension level, image resizing, download or any other content plugins available)
    • Table element
    • Form verification
    • Verification (considering payment and coupons)

Subject (yes, even subjects are pluggable)

14. Coming Soon Page Builder

coming soon joomla page builder

Coming Soon Joomla Page Builder is a responsive full-screen page template. It has some features and styles that make this plugin unique.

Features of Coming Soon Page Builder

  • Response template
  • High-resolution retina display ready
  • 1 color theme
  • Countdown timer
  • Menu page content/menu
  • +24 social network icons

Compatible with all the latest popular browsers and devices

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox browser
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer (IE7+)
  • Desktop
  • Notebook
  • iPhone
  • Tablet
  • ipad
  • Android and other most popular mobile devices

15. Geek Landing Page Builder

geek landing page builder

The Geek Landing Page Builder plugin allows you to easily create a landing page on your website with some simple steps. This is useful if you want to quickly build a landing page to promote your new product or new campaign on your website without redirecting to another page. Since it is a standard Joomla plug-in, the plug-in can publish the landing page to a specific Joomla page, which is much easier than using an external microsite as the landing page.

Main Feature:

Simple and powerful backend

More flexible, powerful and friendly than anything there! A faster and easier visual editor for building creative landing pages. This plugin provides you with a very easy-to-use drag and drop login page builder, which is enough even for a complete novice. All changes are in progress, and the content is displayed on the monitor exactly the same way it was published.

Other Functions

  • Extremely powerful Visual Layer Editor
  • Easily manage scripts
  • Supports many useful elements: titles, custom HTML, images, buttons, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and more than 500 built-in icons, which can be used for various purposes.
  • Support various background types, including video background, image background, solid color background and gradient background
  • Support for adding a mask on the background
  • Set background opacity
  • Support to create login page from built-in configuration file (sample package)
  • Full response
  • Full screen scroll page
  • Support 2 scroll directions
  • Support keyboard scrolling
  • Control display frequency
  • Set the transition effect between pages
  • Built-in more than 30 kinds of animation
  • Flexible page allocation system
  • Complete settings for navigation control
  • Allows to load modules and module positions on the page. (new)
  • Automatically close the login page after the specified number of seconds

16. Kiolezo

kiolezo joomla template builder

Build your website template directly from Joomla! Just drag the rows, columns, module positions, images and many other elements.

Kiolezo is a component for building Joomla templates through drag and drop.

Kiolezo can directly use the created template, maintain drag-and-drop editing capabilities by explicitly creating and installing the template along with the component, or export it to a zip archive format and install it on any other Joomla!.

17. N1ED

n1ed page editor

The N1ED Joomla extension upgrades the built-in standalone TinyMCE to TinyMCE, and comes with a set of additional components, which bring many new features.

You will be able to edit the response content, preview it on your mobile device, build the Bootstrap structure using predefined or your own blocks (if supported by the theme), add different widgets and define your own widgets. The Flmngr file manager and ImgPen image editor are also available in the default N1ED installation.

This Joomla extension retain the existing features of the editor like selecting Joomla articles to link.

N1ED has a visual configuration: you can use the built-in widgets in the Joomla control panel to enable and disable all N1ED ecosystem plugins, and intuitively change its preferences.

18. NextGen Editor

nextgen editor

NextGenEditor builds a website without any technical knowledge required. It can use any template and editor on any existing Joomla.

They have been working hard to introduce all existing Joomla features into the front end or the powerful screen of your favorite editor in a simple way. You can build all internal screens without going into the back end and without any programming.

NextGen Editor Features

  • Page builder
  • Edit your content online
  • Smart media manager with file drag and drop and image resizing
  • 30 powerful widgets (menus, sliders, tags, videos, lists, etc.)
  • It can be installed in any Joomla, used in any template, and integrated in the current editor.

How to use it:

  • Its simple, you can just download and install it on your website.
  • It works with any template
  • Now you can enhance your website and add widgets that have been developed.

Which is the Best Joomla Page Builder?

Now, about page builders can cause confusion. I believe you will agree with me that Joomla page builder is the fastest way to create a website. Now the question may be arrise in your mind that “Which page builder should you choose for your Joomla website?”

All Joomla extensions have been tested with various frameworks and templates, and so far, they all work normally. Likewise, it is clear that Quix and SP page builders are a good choice. If you can spend a lot of money on page builders, then you can choose the top two, which are the best on the market and have strong support from developers.

However, I still recommend that you check all the options at once and then decide which page builder is the best based on your specifications. Do you have any questions? Add a line in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share with me the part you find useful.