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Top 7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for 2020 (Free & Premium)

Before spending their hard-earned dollars on consumer products or services, they like giving evidence that they will spend their money wisely. Showing customers that other people have already bought your product or service and a good experience is strong social proof and it can be very effective in encouraging new buyers. So, that WordPress Testimonial Plugins would be a great option for your customers.

Before spending their hard-earned dollars on consumer products or services, they like giving evidence that they will spend their money wisely. Showing customers that other people have already bought your product or service and a good experience is strong social proof and it can be very effective in encouraging new buyers. So, that WordPress Testimonial Plugins would be a great option for your customers.

You can contact all your previous customers and you can email them with a testimonial about your purchase and then add them one by one to your site, so be sure to style them properly. However, WordPress plugins can make it easy to collect, manage and display testimonial from customers.

Are you looking for the top WordPress testimonial plugins for your WordPress website? Testimonials add social evidence to your website and help build trust among your users. In this article, we have selected the best WordPress testimonial plugins that you can use on your website.

Which is the best WordPress testimonials plugin(Free & Premium)?

If you want more profit for your site, then you have to start collecting and displaying TM. All these plugins have many useful features to display testimonials on your WordPress site. Let’s see:

  1. Testimonial Rotator
  2. Easy Testimonials
  3. Strong Testimonials (FREE/$39-plus)
  4. Testimonials Widget (FREE/$29.99-plus)
  5. Super Testimonials (FREE/$14)
  6. WP Testimonials with rotator widget
  7. Testimonial Basics

1. Testimonial Rotator

testimonial rotator

Testimonials Rotator is a flexible and modern testimonial WordPress plugin that comes with many options to manage the testimonial section. Testimonials Rotator is a very simple way to manage testimonials on your site which is free to use. The plugin allows you to display Testimonial on any post or pages using shortcodes generated on the website. With this plugin, you can display it in the form of a widget, custom post type, or rotator. Includes a widget and shortcodes to display TM in it.

It can be used to display testimonials in professional slides, and many transition effects and thumbnail sizes are available. You can also specify the speed at which the slide moves, define exactly what is displayed in your template and choose to randomize those TM that have been assigned to the slide.

Similarly, Rotator can be fully configured and can be adapted with call-to-action buttons, alignment and size properties, star rating and more. Use tons of personalization options for the quote slider. It includes transit effects, randomization and much more. For better management of your website, you can also choose which roles can also reach the rotator menu.

2. Easy Testimonials

easy testimonials

Easy Testimonials, as its name suggests, WordPress is a flexible one that is very flexible to enable the TM slider plugin. Designed to be compatible with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, this excellent plugin ensures to work on your website for any issue. It has got a promotion by 40,000+ downloads. Enable an intuitive WordPress slider on your website easily by using dedicated widgets and shortcodes. Using simple TM  you can preview random user reviews or sliders which are easy to customize and embed.

Customize your quotes with various effects. Easy testimonials allow you to add fading or sliding animation to your TM as well. Similarly, you can enable your customers’ testament with specific images, page links and more. In addition, you can create testimonial categories to make and edit them even easier. Apart from this, the sliders created by this plugin are all responsive and are easily customizable for any type of display size and resolution.

It also captures SimpleCaptcha and ReCaptcha to avoid the addition of spam Testimonials. Your own shortcodes can be generated using the settings menu. Upgrading individual licenses for the Pro version of this plugin can cost $59. Which will allow you to include a testimonial information form in front of your website? It makes it very convenient for users.

3. Strong Testimonials (FREE/$39-plus)

strong testimoanials wordpress plugin

Strong Testimonials is a free full-featured and popular WordPress testimonial plugin that works out of the box. It supports shortcode and widget display, with the ability to filter TM by categories. When displaying many testimonials, you can add an endorsement to the specified number of pages per page. Strong Testimonials is a high-demand free testimonial plugin, from which there is a series of clean and basic templates to choose from. It also includes a customizable form so that you can collect new reviews from your target audience.

Not only this plugin provides the basic performance functions found in most plugins, but it also enables users to create a testimonial present form – a feature that is available for an upgrade with other plugins. At the top of the default shortcode display option, you can also create a slideshow for any number of TM(you have selected or randomly). Multiple slideshows can be used on the same page, and you can customize transition intervals and speed.

The great thing about Strong Testimonials?

It is incredibly easy to use, which makes it one of the best solutions for beginners and non-developers. However, you do not have to compromise on advanced functionality. You can add optional paging, display your testimonials as a list, add standard grid effects, and more. Custom CSS is also an option to change the look of your pages. A basic license for Strong Testimonials Pro is $ 39 per year and gives you access to the country selector extensions.

4. Testimonials Widget (FREE/$29.99-plus)

testimonials widget

Testimonials Widget allows you to insert TM in your site via shortcode or sidebar widgets. It is a free plugin that allows users to insert unique testimonials into their website via the sidebar widget or shortcodes. The solution is also suited for the review schema so that you can display a star rating next to your site when you appear in Google search results.

Testimonials are added as a custom post type and there are several settings that can be edited, such as fields included in each testimonial, and what citations, videos. Although the plugin insists on its usage of widgets, shortcodes are provided to you to insert TM in the post and the page.

Default CSS is very basic and is designed to fit with any theme. Testimonials widget is a popular solution, as the name suggests, lets you display testimonials using widgets. There are widgets to display widgets to rotate testimonials using testimonial categories, archives, a tag cloud, and a slider. A single license for the premium version of the plugin retails at $ 29.99, while additional plans are available to those who need support and updates for more websites. All licenses give you full access to all the features.

5. Super Testimonials (FREE/$14)

Super Testimonials are easy to use and most important plugin that allows users to add testimonials in the sidebar as a widget or allows them to embed T3e in a page or post using a shortcode. It is a simple WordPress plugin, there are four testimonials design templates in it. For each testimonial, you can add a rating, featured image, company information and much more.

Easy Testimonials also allows you to insert a list of all TM or to produce random testimonials. Easy testimonials allow you to include an image with each testimonial – this testimonial is a great feature for adding a picture of the author. Super Testimonials is fully responsive for all devices.

The Pro version of Super Testimonials is available for only $14 and adds 20 slider templates with 60 skins, five grid templates with ten list templates and 15 skins with 30 skins. It also adds more than 100 shortcodes and many new style-based shortcodes features. Testimonials can also be displayed in columns.

6. WP Testimonials with rotator widget

wp testimonails with rotator widget

WP Testimonials is a simple yet highly customizable testimonial plugin. This allows you to easily add testimonials and sort them into categories and tags. With more than 10,000+ active installs and 5-star satisfaction ratings, the WP Testimonials plugin is one to check out. It provides a very simple way to manage TM on the WordPress website.

Testimonials are added through WordPress administration and may include authors, a picture, a website URL and actual testimonials. TM can then be displayed on the website using the shortcodes.

Testimonials are an important part of your website design. The performance of the testimonial can be adapted through shortcode parameters, such as limitations on the category and number of testimonials, as well as the performance of testimonial elements on and off. WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget Plugin is very useful for adding interesting TM to your client.

7. Testimonial Basics

testimonial basic wordpress plugin

Testimonials Basics is a complete user review and quote management tool. This means that you can manage all your user responses, quotes and Testimonials in one place and use them, however, you want. This not only involves making citation chandeliers but also creating and providing front-end user submission forms for quotes. In addition, your user quote can be enabled with a username, text field, picture, 5-star rating and more.

Similarly, the plugin lets you enable sliders and degrees for your quotes too. You can insert these fractions and sliders on your website, however you like it. This free plugin is designed to be compatible with any kind of design, web browser and even mobile devices.

In addition, you can display positive reviews within a widget area or within the content of your site. In addition, you can group TM for individual displays on your site. And to protect your collection forms from spam submissions, take advantage of the built-in reCAPTCHA functionality. And customize text colors, background colors, input fields, Gravatars and more. To display your quotes and sliders, you can choose between 4 content display layouts and 6 widget layouts. Instead of simply helping you create the review slider, the TM original lets you receive and manage without any effort.

The plugin is also compatible with GDPR and comes with a nifty opt-in option to submit the review. Another GDPR ready link also asks users to remove their quotes. Protect your users’ privacy by using this excellent WordPress plugin. In addition, the plugin is also ready for translation and supports RTL languages ​​too. This means that users can read your customer quotes without any difficulty in their native language.


We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress testimonials plugins. I’ve compiled free and premium both in this list of the best WordPress Testimonial plugins. If you really decide to go for a testimonial plugins from the above list, then I am sure you will be able to correctly match the testimonial plugins for your WordPress site to manage your site’s testimonial here. This will help your online business to get more customers and improve your brand value.

So start by taking statements of your satisfied customers and using one of the above Testimonial plugins, begin adding quotes to your website that are tailored to your site’s needs.

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