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10 Reasons Why Choose WordPress the Best CMS Platform to Build Websites

If you find yourself surprised, “Why choose WordPress for your business website?” You have come to the right place. Giving up this question means that you have done a little research at least at WordPress or heard about it from a friend or colleague. But this does not mean that you have weighed down any professionals or opposition or have examined the depth of the facilities.

If you find yourself surprised, “Why choose WordPress for your business website?” You have come to the right place. Giving up this question means that you have done a little research at least at WordPress or heard about it from a friend or colleague. But this does not mean that you have weighed down any professionals or opposition or have examined the depth of the facilities.

Therefore, we want to break the benefits of using WordPress, which is why it is clear why it is the most popular content management system in the world and website construction software. WordPress can really do anything! So now understand what is WordPress and why choose WordPress for your website.

What is WordPress?

why choose wordpress for business websites

WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2. Which means that anyone can use or modify WordPress software for free. A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website – such as content – without the need to know anything about programming.

33% of the world’s websites are created using WordPress, which tells you how successful and reliable it is. It is an open source software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. This can be the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners and professionals.

Many years ago, WordPress was a tool to create a blog rather than more traditional websites. Although it has not been perfect for a long time. Nowadays, thanks to the changes in the core code, as well as the large scale ecosystem of plugins and themes, you can create any type of website with WordPress.

It is an excellent website platform for various websites. From e-commerce blogging to business and portfolio websites, it is a versatile CMS. Here are some examples of websites that you can create with WordPress: Blogs, e-commerce, business, news, photography, music, and subscriptions. We have write an article on What is WordPress.

There are several reasons Why Choose WordPress for blog or business website.

1. Free and Open Source

It is free software. WordPress is distributed under an open source license – meaning that you can download and use WordPress software for free. But this also means that hundreds of volunteers throughout the world are constantly developing and improving WordPress software.

It does not matter whether it is a commercial website or a personal blog, the fact that WordPress does not charge a single penny is a major incentive to use it. If your site starts getting more traffic than you expect, then they do not charge extra fees.

Apart from being free, it is also open source, which means that you can change its source code or improve how you want to optimize your website’s functionality or form!

2. Makes Search Engine Optimization Easier

It is known for its built-in SEO platform. In fact, it automatically creates title tags and meta descriptions for all your pages and posts. This lets the search engines know about your content, and it will get you indexed and potentially up in the rankings. As is everything in WordPress, there are also more advanced features introduced by plugins and online tools. Here are some SEO favorites: Schema, Broken, and link checker.

Search engine optimization is necessary to get traffic to your site. Thanks to plugins like Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, and more, SEO-optimizing WordPress is incredibly easy without the need to be a code genius. All you need to do is set up some basic settings and the plugins handle the rest.

Better yet, some plugins analyze your content and recommend. So even though you do not know anything about SEO, you can still optimize your content by following the plugin’s recommendations.

3. Thousands of Professionally Designed Themes

One of the main reasons people prefer WordPress is that the platform gives you access to thousands of beautiful WordPress themes to create any kind of website.

Many themes are available for free. Its theme allows you to professionally design a website without the pain or expense of hiring a professional web designer.

More than two thousand free themes are available in the official WP theme directory, and there are even more available fees for commercial sites such as Delegate Studio, Themeforest and Template Monster.

4. Easy to Set up, Manage, and Update

WordPress Installing is like taking a walk in the park. You can literally set it up and start working on your website within five minutes. Another reason why people prefer to use WordPress is because of its simplicity. CMS is as user-friendly as it gets new and is very easy to learn. Not only this, the platform is very comfortable.

Most web hosts now provide a single-click install, which lets you install WP in a couple of minutes. Apart from this, there are WordPress specific hosting plans where the hosting company installs WordPress for you and lets you dive into the WP dashboard to work on the site.

It also notifies you when your themes and plugins are updated. This manages your site with a breeze because you will always be on the latest update. This will keep your site safe and fresh.

First of all, WP enables all types of users – even those who are unfamiliar with content management systems (CMS) – to update content quickly. Whether it’s a page, a blog post or a custom post type, you can update all the contents of your site using WordPress friendly visual editor.

5. Secure and Safe

Hackers are smart enough these days when it comes to attacking WP websites. So here a question arises – How to Secure your website? Disclosing weaknesses on WordPress plugins is one of their common ways of controlling websites.

Since it is such a popular CMS, it should not be surprising that this is a goal for hackers. However, it takes the safety of its users very seriously.

Delegate Studio offers ReadyMade WP Website with Website security. Using Readymade website services, you can enjoy strong security privileges with the help of more advanced tools. That is responsible for security concerns.

Some important security measures used by professional website services. It includes virus scanning, security audit, spam filtering, and OS updates. In addition, they can fix all security-related loopholes and protect your server from external attacks.

6. Incredibly Extensible with Plugins

It’s easy to use, it has a lot of great features, and more importantly, it’s free! Another big thing about it is a large collection of plugins that allows you to quickly optimize your website. In the official WP Marketplace alone, more than 52,000 plugins are available for you to download.

Its plugins include WordPress plugins for business websites in which you can use to develop your blog and website, both free and premium options.

It integrates with many popular 3-party platforms to make your website more modern. There are many plugins that send you email campaigns and newsletters easily. And there are plugins that allow you to accept credit card payments for e-commerce sites. There are plugins about all kinds of functions that you want to add to your site.

7. Multilingual and Multi-user Capability

Not a native English speaker? No worries! The WP Translation team has translated WordPress into 160+ various languages. Many plugins offer translate versions too, and you can easily create multi-lingual sites. Which can be used using plugin or neglect such as plugins.

It has made users much easier to update and access their websites from anywhere in the world. It allows different users to manage their website, and each person can set limits on their account. This is a great idea when you want to create a good number of people to work for you, but you can restrict it to what other people can see or do while updating their information.

8. Social Media

Social media has become an important factor in the success of all online businesses. But, despite the fact that it provides a considerable amount of benefits, the reality is that it requires a lot of time and effort, which makes it a daunting task.

However, if your website is powered by WordPress, it simplifies this venture through various social media plugins and sharing tools. Therefore, if you want to increase the visibility of your site and simplify your social media process then WordPress is the way to go!

Another benefit If you choose to develop a WordPress theme website, there is seamless integration with the social network. You do not have to log in to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts one by one. And automatically tell your social networking community that you have new content for them.

9. Numerous eCommerce Solutions

If you are using WordPress to run a business website. You will be well taken care of with the abundance of e-commerce solutions. You can turn your website into an online store using popular plugins like WP e-commerce and WooCommerce.

Many online stores, such as Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nicholls, are powered by WordPress and you probably will not be able to tell the difference.

Great free plugins like WooCommerce, make it easy by allowing users to install online shops with their new or existing websites. This will take a few minutes.

10. Responsive and A Universal Platform

Mobile Internet browsing is a lot bigger nowadays, this is why it’s important that your website looks great on all devices – not just computers. Each modern WordPress theme supports something called responsive design. This means that your WordPress site is automatically scaled to look great on every device.

There is a universal forum in WordPress. Its Dashboard always looks the same. You do not have to spend a lot of time explaining how to employ experts or use WordPress. In fact, anyone with some kind of normal PHP and MySQL experience can immediately use WordPress.

Because the Dashboard looks the same on every platform, so the state of confusion ends. You can add things to your dashboards, such as daily statistics, new posts list, recent comments, and news updates.

Thanks to its open-source coding and innovative developers, it is improving year-to-year better. Whether its employees are adding new features. Developers are making new plugins, or coders have programmed new features to optimize your site, CMS continues to grow better.

Conclusion – Why Choose WordPress

Believe me, WordPress is the best CMS for your online work and making it your own official website can be the best decision for your company.

As you can see, you can use WordPress for a personal or business website. And with this powerful content management system, you can not do very little. If you are not using WordPress, then you should get adequate incentives to switch to WordPress with the above 10 suggestions.

I am sure by reading the above 10 suggestion you know why choose WordPress Website for your business. So here I introduce you to Ready Made WordPress Website by Delegate Studio. In ReadyMade WordPress Website you get, Top-level Domain, Managed WordPress Hosting, Modern Design Themes, Website Builder, Jet Pack Plugin, SSL certificate, ON Page SEO Optimization, and 24/7 hours Support in $59 only. Now, what are you thinking about, choose the WordPress Ready Made Websites and make your business online within a day?

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