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7 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Plugins Compared – (Free & Premium)

If you want to create stylish posts and pages for your WordPress website, then a page builder plugin is the best way to do this. The best WordPress page builders add a new content editor interface to your website that allows you to do as much as possible currently with the default editor.

If you want to create stylish posts and pages for your WordPress website, then a page builder plugin is the best way to do this. The best WordPress page builders add a new content editor interface to your website that allows you to do as much as possible currently with the default editor.

Not only do these advanced web design tools allow you to work through a drag-and-drop user interface, but they also provide you with the selection of useful elements that can be added to your website. Some also include high-quality pre-made page layouts for a series of projects and objectives. If you want to start using one of these tools, but do not make sure to choose which one, this article will help you find the right options for your needs compared to the best free WordPress Page Builders. If you are a beginner and want to know more about WordPress than we suggest to read this article about What is WordPress before going forward

What is a Page builder

Page Builder is a comprehensive term that includes many tools that enable you to create a website from scratch. In most cases, they provide you with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built components that can be customized. For example, you might be able to click on button access on the contact form, place it anywhere you want, and personalize its presence and functionality.

WordPress page builders have made it easy for users of all skill levels to create awesome websites:

  • It is possible to create custom pages without a background in web development.
  • Lets you customize complex elements and features with few clicks.
  • Includes drag-and-drop functionality, so that you can organize all the elements on your pages as you see fit.
  • Enables you to preview what your site will look like when you go live.

The key to choosing a good WordPress page builder is to focus on two key criteria: a comprehensive selection of elements to add to your site, and ease of use.

Why use a WordPress page builder plugin?

In WordPress, the design of your website mainly depends on your theme. Most premium themes provide a variety of features for customization. Most of them are very difficult to customize for those who do not know the code (HTML / CSS).

But, with a page builder plugin, you can add any type of content to the page using ready drag and drop content elements aka blocks, modules or widgets.

You can easily customize, move and organize content elements to design unique website layouts. The best part is, you will need zero coding skills to design with Page Builder.

There are many great drags and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to create completely custom website designs in WordPress without writing a single line of code.

So, We have decided to compare the top WordPress page builders so that you can choose the right solution for your needs.

List of Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

  1. Elementor
  2. Visual Composer
  3. Divi Builder
  4. Beaver Builder
  5. Brizy
  6. SiteOrigin Page Builder
  7. Themify Builder


elementor wordpress page builder

Elementor is a modern page builder with lots of features. It enables you to quickly customize almost every aspect of your site and creates a pixel-perfect page with little practice.

It is the first free and advanced best WordPress Page Builder for WordPress. With its quick drag and drop builder, you can quickly edit a page from the front of your site. It is popular for its WYSIWYG functionality, allowing users to view editing and changes in real time. Elementor is known for its high-speed performance, which is fun and easy to make.

Elementor works well with the Yoast SEO plugin, in which no setup is required. Yoast automatically reads its content widgets with Elementor Editor. Elementor Pro also has  Yoast breadcrumb as a widget to build breadcrumb for your site. Elementor Pro includes some unique features, such as live visual form design, flexible post, and portfolio widgets, custom CSS and global widgets.

Key Features

  • The Elementor plugin comes with many widgets which are great for customizing web pages. You may not need more widgets.
  • Elementor Pro also gives you the option to save your elements as a global widget. You can then reuse those global widgets on your site, edit them once, and quickly see your changes applied to each instance of the widget.
  • Firstly, it was only possible to create a custom post and page design with the Elementor for your website. Now, however, you have the option to create a unique header and footer design for your WordPress website, as well as there, are templates for other areas of your site.
  • The high level of mobile support from Elementor extends into these new features of the plugin so you can configure how your visitors use your device on the basis of which device.
  • Use the most advanced menu builder for WordPress and customize it visually, no coding is required.
  • Easily integrate MailChimp and add your visitors to your lists.
  • More than 600+ Google Fonts are available to work with
  • Supports full WooCommerce to create a custom e-commerce store
  • It provides multi-lingual and RTL text support.
  • You do not need any HTML or PHP knowledge or skills for this. Everything can be done through a simple user interface.

Elementor Pro Price Option:

Elementor Pro is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Personal: $ 49 for use on 1 website
  • Business: $ 99 for use on 3 websites
  • Unlimited: $ 199 for use on 1000 websites

All Elementor Pro pricing options allow you to use the plugin for an unlimited time. However, you will only have access to updates and support for one year

2.Visual Composer

visual composer wordpress page builder

Visual Composer is clearly one of the best-selling Premium WordPress Plugin. You can get its premium Addon plugins on its official website or Codecanyon. This builder supports both front-end and back-end editing. So rather than dragging and dropping it here and there, you can become a skilled coder and use the plugin for serious business.

Ready-to-use in Visual Composer is more than 40 components. There are multimedia components for major images and videos, social media buttons, sliders, a support function, etc. The plugin is quite flexible. You can easily add extra modules if you know how. In general, you will not take more than 15 minutes to understand how it works. Both front-end and back-end interfaces are convenient and user-friendly.

Therefore, here are the main components of Visual Composer: an info window, icon, a modal pop-up window, an interactive banner, timeline and expanded Google Maps. The plugin has more than 40 built-in content blocks, such as Facebook Like, Pinterest, Single Image, Call to Action and more.

Key Features

  • Use simple drag and drop editor to move and manage your layouts and elements on the page.
  • The visual composer allows you to hide the elements and save them later, cleaning your design area and reminding you about the module.
  • WordPress Page Builder requires zero knowledge of code, but there is enough experience for those who have full control of custom CSS and JavaScript fields.
  • The Visual Composer Website Builder provides an intuitive user interface that has a low learning curve for beginners and easy features for professionals.
  • Configure the interface and transfer navigation to your layout at any time. Set it left, top, right, bottom or different.
  • An in-app marketplace of elements, templates, and extensions. Unlimited downloads, regular updates, and fixed fees. Create your own website from the cloud.
  • Edit your content directly from your mobile devices, especially the tailored mobile UI / UX that fits your pocket.

Visual Composer Price Option:

Visual Composer is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Personal: $ 59 for use on 1 website
  • Business: $ 149 for use on 3 websites
  • Unlimited: $ 349 for use on unlimited websites

All Visual Composer pricing options allow you to use the plugin for an unlimited time. However, you will only have access to updates and support for one year.

3.Divi Builder

best drag and drop page builder

It is a powerful WordPress page builder that lets you create any type of design on your website with drag and drop. Divi Builder Elegant Theme, a famous WordPress theme, and plugins company.

Divi boasts an easy to use interface, a large selection of content modules, many pre-defined layouts, and an endless list of options to share things and help you customize your content as you wish.

Perhaps the best thing about Divi Builder is that it can be used with any WordPress theme. To create beautiful pages now you do not need to use the theme of the elegant theme. This gives you endless possibilities to create the most advanced layout without touching a line of code.

The Divi is designed with a responsive design. This means that your page layout and the content will look great on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop browser. The plugin launches with forty content modules. Of these content modules, eight modules are limited to sections.

Key Features

  • It has endless layout possibilities. Create any type of design with 3 section types, 20-line types, and more than 40 content modules.
  • If you are good at writing beautiful CSS code, then there are many custom CSS options in it.
  • There are so many options in the plugin that lets you create anything, you can imagine any design. It is compatible with the developer and is suitable for professional websites.
  • There are options to save the library, load from the library, and clear your layout on the left side of this navigation panel. With it, you can save any layout that you have created and load it later. There are also many predefined layouts available for selection.
  • On the right has an undo button, a red button and a history dropdown menu that lets you see all the changes made. You can use the undo and reuse buttons as many times as you like.
  • When you choose to save a module to a library, two interesting options are available: Global Items and Selective Sync :

Global items allow an item to appear on many pages on your website.

Selective sync can be used to share common settings in other areas of your website.

Divi Builder Price :

Divi Builder is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on two pricing plans:

  • Yearly Access: $89 for use to Access To All Themes and Plugins, Theme Updates, Premium Support, Unlimited Website Usage per year.

  • Lifetime Access: $249 for use to Lifetime Access To All Themes an All Plugins, Lifetime Updates, and Premium Support, Unlimited Website Usage, Risk-Free Guarantee, One Time Fee.

4.Beaver Builder

drag and drop webiste builder

Beaver Builder is the best drag and drops WordPress page builders. This gives you the ability to create a website without knowing any coding skills. You can easily drag and drop to create beautiful pages.

It comes with dozens of great page templates so that you can kickstart your design easily without starting from scratch. You can choose a template, replace the image and the text with you, and then publish it.

It works with any WordPress theme that gives you complete control over your content. The best part is that even if you stop using the plugin, your content is pinned in the WordPress editor. In the Pro Plan, you will find a beautiful Beaver Builder compatible theme which allows you to modify your styles with native WordPress customizers.

Beaver plugin is one of the best WordPress page builders nearby, thanks to its ease of use at large scale. With this plugin, you can see how each element of your website will look like when editing.

Key Features

  • Add any type of content that you want to choose from available content modules; HTML, photo, text editor, audio, video, and sidebar.
  • Pages created with Beaver Builder plugin will be 100% responsive (make sure the theme is fully responsive).
  • The Beaver plugin has deep integration with the WooCommerce plugin. Designing e-commerce pages are really easy with this plugin.
  • You can create many header and footer using Beaver Builder and Add-ons.
  • Beaver Builder Card Adds a custom module for the page builder. It lets you create and format beautiful cards with images, text, font, color, links and other styling options.
  • Allow users to view their FreshDesk tickets on their website and provide SSA for easy navigation between Freshdesk and WordPress.

Beaver Builder Price Options

Beaver is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Standard: $ 99 for use unlimited sites, Support for 1 Year, Premium Modules & Templates.
  • PROF: $ 199 for use Unlimited Sites, Support for 1 Year, Premium Modules & Templates, Beaver Builder Theme.
  • Agency: $ 399 for use Unlimited Sites, Support for 1 Year, premium Modules & Templates, Beaver Builder Theme, Multisite Network Settings, White Labeling.

All Beaver pricing options allow you to use the plugin for unlimited websites. However, you will only have access to updates and support for one year.


brizy wordpress website builder

Launched in April 2018, Brizy is the “youngest” page builder in this list. Brizy is the new in the city, a fresh tool that connects to popular names like Elementor, Beaver Builder or Divi. It basically has the same role, which allows you to touch the code, hover a supporter or create beautiful and modern pages without spending money on the right template.

Everything seems to be clear about this plugin. You just need to select a layout and edit it by dragging the elements to the canvas; Page Builder brings a good collection of draggable and customizable elements such as buttons, text, lines, counters, tabs, etc.

One unique thing about Brizy is how you customize those elements once on your page. Instead of using sidebar or popup like many other page builders, Brizy lets you control most of the stuff inline, which provides a different editing experience. But it comes from a famous developer – ThemeFuse – and quickly racked up to 9,000+ active installs. In addition, it provides a unique perspective directly to parts of page creation, which makes it an interesting offer.

Key Features

  • The blocks are pre-built designs that you can add to your page, ready to customize. And also adjusting content in width, height, and alignment requires just a few clicks. Everyone is done with innate choices, where they should be.
  • More than 4000 icons are included. Available in both Outline and Glyph versions, even the need for the most demanding icons are included.
  • Ever want to change all the same colors with one click on your web page? With Brizy, you can! Not only this, but you can change all the texts that share the same qualities at once, as well as the ones.
  • Switch quickly in Mobile View mode, where you can make changes that will only apply to these types of devices. It gives you the power to separate your page design and optimize for smaller screens.
  • The progress you make while building your page is always backed up in the cloud, so you will never lose your work.

Brizy Price:

Brizy is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Personal: $ 49 for use on 1 website use, 1 Year Updates and 1 Year Support.
  • Unlimited: $ 99 for use on Unlimited websites, 1 Year Updates and 1 Year Support.
  • Lifetime: $ 299 for use on Unlimited websites, Lifetime Updates, Lifetime Support, White Label, and A/B Testing.

6.SiteOrigin Page Builder

siteorigin page builder

SiteOrigin is one of the best WordPress page builders in the WordPress repository, which has more than one million active installs. With SiteOrigin, creating a responsive, column-based content is a breeze. Your content will be compatible with all devices regardless of the screen resolution.

SiteOrigin Page Builder works basically with your existing WordPress widgets so you can add your favorite widgets to the websites you have created. A builder works perfectly with any WordPress theme. The best thing about SiteOrigin is that you can find many clean compatible WordPress themes created by the same people behind the SiteOrigin plugin.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is free and premium. You can install it on as many sites as you want, without worrying about it a license or a renewal. Lifetime updates are included. We see it as a democratization of content creation, you will see it as the easiest way to bring a beautiful layout to your WordPress site.

Page Builder actually generates and optimizes all the code for your page. With no character outside the place, you have the freedom to create any layout you can imagine and know that your content will be loaded quickly. Depending on your layout, Page Builder can be 5 to 100 times lighter than other popular grid systems.

Key Features

  • Flexibility is the main advantage of the plugin. Using its advanced line builder, you can select the right number of rows for each column you add.
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder allows you to use WordPress widgets. It provides many widgets on your own, and you can download and install any widget.
  • It also comes with a history tool that allows you to switch back and front for the changes you made/undo.
  • It’s great to save time, and it gives you peace of mind to know that you can make changes and undo.

SiteOrigin page builder Price Option:

SiteOrigin page builder is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Single: $ 29 for use on 1 website
  • Business: $ 49 for use on 5 website
  • Developer: $ 99 for use on Unlimited website

7.  Themify Builder

themify page builder

Themify Builder is a simple drag and drops a WordPress page builder plugin that you can use. Like The Divi Builder, Themify Builder is also a Power Plugin behind the WordPress theme created by Themify Company. You can also use this plugin with any other theme.

Themify Builder includes a large collection of drag and drop modules and more than 40+ professional templates designed specifically for different industries. The plugin allows you to edit your pages with backend or frontend. In both types of interfaces, you can move the module around freely and customize it completely. You can organize modules in rows and columns, and easily create grids.

There are also 60+ animation effects outside the box to make your pages visually attractive in Themify Builder. The main Themify Builder plugin is free of cost; However, you can purchase their Addon bundle for advanced modules.

One good thing about Themify Builder is that it still allows you to use regular WordPress editors, while other WordPress page builders force you to use the WordPress Page Builders interface for everything. Themify Builder Content is tagged in WordPress Editor so you can put content around it:

Key Features

  • You can use their Builder plugin with any third-party WordPress theme.
  • With the compact backend interface, you can use the drag and drop feature to quickly and easily make modules. In the frontend, you can preview the design and make live edits in your module.
  • To enhance the capabilities of the Themify Builder, you can find tons of different colonies, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle.
  • Easy and responsive rows and columns: Easily create grids with responsive rows and columns. Resize and rearrange the columns according to your choice.
  • You can customize different styling options including Google fonts, background colors, padding, margins, limits, etc.
  • Themify builder plugin has a simple and clean interface. Beginners can also enjoy simple live editing experience without coding experience.
  • The paid version is affordable, and you can upgrade a little bit to gain access to dozens of unique add-ons.
  • You also have the option of custom CSS, just if you want to go back to more traditional design methods.

Themify Builder Price option:

Themify Builder  is the best WordPress Page Builder that is available on three pricing plans:

  • Single: $ 59 for use buy 1 theme
  • Business: $ 89 for use buy Total 42 Themes with Photoshop Files + 12 Plugins + 25 Builder addons + 5 PTB addons
  • Developer: $ 249 for use buy Lifetime access to all 42 Themes with Photoshop Files + 12 Plugins + 25 Builder addons + 5 PTB addons.

Now it’s your turn to decide the best WordPress page builders

WordPress page builders are a major attraction for users who want to create beautiful websites without using any code. They allow newbies and beginners to be creative and create websites quickly and easily.

If you are looking for the best free tool to create custom content designs for your WordPress website, then Elementor is hard to beat. Among the Seven WordPress page builders plugins being compiled here, the Elementor has the best selection of widgets and page templates.

On the other hand, If you want a Ready Made Website build with Elementor Page Builder for your occupation. Than, Delegate Studio offers a Ready Made WordPress Website, which includes WordPress Page Builders, Jet Pack Plugins, Top-level Domain, Managed WordPress Hosting, ON Page SEO, SSL, and 24/7 hours Support.

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